Would you rather: Intern as a graduate or undergraduate?

Would you rather: Intern as a graduate or undergraduate?

Contemplating whether to intern before or after graduating? Both are great options which
should definitely be considered. We recommend all graduates and undergraduates to complete
an internship in their field of study. This will provide you with lifelong experience which will be
beneficial in the long run and in your future career. 84.5% of interns said they were satisfied
with the experience when they looked back.

Interning as a graduate will get your foot in the door of your chosen career path. By gaining the
valuable work experience whilst interning, you’ll boost your employability & life skills, have the
opportunity to prove yourself to an employer, experience a mixture of roles, build your
confidence, create industry contacts and put yourself in a stronger position to get a permanent
graduate job. Depending on your performance, graduate internships usually lead to a
permanent position. This is a great way to land your dream job, especially if you are struggling
to land a job in your chosen sector.

Interning as an undergraduate also has just as many benefits. It will help you feel more
connected to your course of study, and will help you develop vocational skills which you may
not pick up during your lectures. This is also great if you are a practical learner as oppose to an
auditory learner. Interning will ease you into your chosen field, give you a taste of your future
career, and will also help you clarify your career direction, which is perfect if you are having any
doubts. If this is the case, we would recommend interning straight after high school. This will
assist you in picking the correct university course.

To conclude, we highly suggest interning, whether you are a graduate or undergraduate. It’s a
great experience which will get you further in your future career, and may also land you the job
of your dreams, as well as build your employability and vocational skills.

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