Why every professional achiever needs a mentor

Why every professional achiever needs a mentor

Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day.

It can be tough to find someone with whom you can share your fears and challenges with someone who will listen to you when you need them: and someone whom you can completely trust.

Yes, we’re talking about a mentor here. Mentors are not only the fodder of fictional fantasy leading our heroes to the promised land. In our professional trek, mentors can help to gain confidence, can accelerate the knowledge, develop skills, and even help to get successful. Knowing how to do your job today doesn’t secure your success tomorrow, there is always a room to gain further knowledge. After all, “when we stop learning, we stop leading!”

As your business expands, so your team and so should you. According to Jerry Jao CEO of Retention Science

‘When I founded my company, I knew I still had much to learn. Now, years later, I’m an even bigger advocate for continual growth.’

Do you, as an accomplished professional or aspiring CEO, really need a mentor? After all, you have come this far. Following are some reasons why you should give professional mentoring a chance.

  1. Already “walked the walk”:

A mentor might have the experience of the situation which you are going to experienced right now. He might not be able to answer all your questions instantly, but he knows what to ask and how to guide you and move you in the right direction. Based on different business experiences mentor will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and a good mentor will successfully identify your field and provide solutions to face the obstacles as a professional.

  1. Become a heeder:

Once you have a good and trusted relationship with your mentor, you can seek professional advice without any hesitation as they are there to help with no hidden plans. Mentor can act as a neutral person and can provide informally forthright feedback to you, and can make you confident enough to make a decision.

  1. Provide widen perspective and prophetic vision:

As a professional, you focus on the big frame as it’s the main part of your job. If you are in huge stress then it’s really difficult to maintain your perspective, even a smaller problem seems like a massive one. Sometimes smaller one left unhandled which can affect your business negatively. A mentor helps you to maintain your perspective and can provide a person to critique the situation and can give you a light push where necessary.

  1. Broaden your network:

Building a strong relationship with your mentor may expend your network gradually. If a mentor can’t help you in some hurdle he can refer to someone in his network. The mentor’s network and resources are much broader than yours. A mentor can open up a new branch of contacts and experts. If the mentoring relationship is a positive and productive one, the mentor may introduce the professionals to others who can provide guidance.

  1. Focusing on the person, not just the company:

Mostly professionals lose themselves as they put the company’s interest first because everyone is looking at them to lead. A mentor can help to focus on you as an individual, which can help you to maintain your behavior and it’s essential for your company’s growth. A mentor can also help you become savvy to workplace dynamics and share insight into what it takes to be a skilled professional.

Give Chipkoo mentoring a chance to make your career as successful in the ever-shifting world. Our mentors from across the world are in it for the sake of their mentees and aspiring professionals in their fields. Let them lead you to newer avenues of thought and innovation.

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