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As the destination for our world in 2030, the UN Sustainable Development Goals are a unique opportunity for us to rally around a common global agenda to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy a shared and durable prosperity. The SDG Action Plan is developed by Chipkoo Labs to help UN SDGs in making this world a better place.

As developing communities has always been a passion of chipkoo, today Chipkoo Interns are enrolled in Chipkoo Global Certified Virtual Internship Program at Chipkoo Labs which reflects United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (How it is linked and how important these are).

There are some values we always want our mentees to carry with them regardless of the industry they are inserted in – sustainability is one of those values and it makes us extremely happy that we are currently working on this initiative.

The initiative, which involves more than 50+ industry professionals, focuses on developing youth, sharing knowledge and advocating for in demand skills for the upcoming 10 years.


Boosting Decent Employment for youth across the globe. Our aim is to generate evidence on how soft skills development, digital jobs and work-based learning can boost decent jobs for youth, synthesize and share evidence about why and how best to support youth employment, and develop a community of practice and engage youth to foster learning and policy outreach through multi-stakeholder dialogue within and between countries.


We developed the Global virtual internship programme to address the needs of students. Also, VIP global project provides a chance to show off skills and capabilities; for businesses, the internship gets much-needed work completed and “test drives” a potential hire.

Some students don’t have connections to land that first job or interview. Chipkoo virtual internships can facilitate those connections, and, with projects under their belt


Altogether, chipkoo virtual internships are reducing inequalities inherent in the traditional internship paradigm by providing invaluable professional training to a broad array of students and learners without any key criteria. 

Chipkoo Internships are enabling students to prototype different careers as well as build mentoring relationships and professional networks they can maintain beyond the experience.


Gritty Solutions

Chipkoo as a platform focuses on Generation Y (millennial) and Z as key target audience.

Chipkoo platform helps communities to cultivate their learners as productive and confident professionals through an act of validation and assist with their professional evolution.

Chipkoo platform offers a sure-fire way to learners to avoid decision fatigue by adding ‘Subject Matter Expert perspective to tackle the confusion. As a by-product it makes them a happy generation.