Terms of Service

Terms of Service



1.1 Chipkoo is to provide contact details of the staff you will be assigned to in the case of any complications or problems experienced.

1.2 Chipkoo is to provide an induction and welcome talk upon your arrival.

1.3 Chipkoo is to provide you with information and tools to enhance your professional development.

1.4 Chipkoo is responsible for maintaining the quality of the order and to deliver the order as per the user’s selected plan.

1.5 Chipkoo is responsible for displaying the information shared by the user correctly in the delivered order.

1.6 Chipkoo is responsible to initiate any communication to gather information with respect to the order.

1.7 Chipkoo is responsible to answer any queries raised by the customer via email or chat.

1.8 If the customer requests a refund, Chipkoo is responsible to provide the refund as per the refund policy.


2.1 Chipkoo holds all rights to reject the submission of any applicant we consider incompatible for any of our programs at our own discretion.


3.1 If you live outside of the UK, your deposit will be converted to British currency (GBP) at the current foreign exchange rate.

3.2 After payment of your initial deposit, you agree to fully cooperate with Chipkoo in its attempts to find you a placement and agree to do so pending the passing of the placement deadline. Examples of non-cooperation include, but are not limited to:

3.2.1 Not working alongside your assigned placement and line manager from Chipkoo.
3.2.2 Not attending scheduled internship interviews.
3.2.3 Not participating in internship discussions/meetings with your line manager.
3.2.4 Not responding to Chipkoo’s communications in a timely manner.
3.2.5 Allowing the placement procedure to be delayed due to agreed payments not paid on due dates.
3.2.6 Without reason, refusing internships offered to you.
3.2.7 Fraudulence. Being dishonest by fabricating, altering, or misrepresenting academic transcripts, test scores or any other written or oral statements you may be asked of in the process of applying to your chosen program.

3.3 Interns who are uncooperative will be notified by Chipkoo and may be dropped from the program without a refund. These participants may have the option to re-join at the discretion of Chipkoo, providing that they are fully engaged and make all efforts to contribute.

3.4 If Chipkoo is unable to secure you an offer for an internship in your preferred region before the placement deadline, you will be given the option (1) that Chipkoo continues to search until you receive a guaranteed offer, or (2) you can withdraw from the program and receive a full refund (initial deposit and any other payments) and if Chipkoo has not being able to secure you an offer within the extended time, you will receive a full refund.

3.5 You must pay a deposit at least 50% of the total amount within 30 days, the sole purpose of the deposit is to confirm and reserve your place in the program. Any remaining balance is due within 21 days after we have confirmed and notified you that you are a successful candidate for the program. All payments must be made within that 21 days’ deadline.

3.6 If your initial deposit is received by us less than six weeks before the start date, your deadline to proceed with payment of the remaining balance will be one week prior to your start date.


4.1 If you would like to withdraw from the program at any time, then you must notify Chipkoo by email.

4.2 The initial deposit and other program fee paid are not refundable if you wish to withdraw from the program, unless Chipkoo fails to secure you an offer for your placement or by the placement deadline. Withdrawal reasons such as personal, family, medical, financial etc. will not be acceptable.

4.3 The deposit and other payments made are non-refundable if you withdraw from the program for any reason after starting your placement, Chipkoo will be entitled to 100% of all program fees.

4.4 If you wish to withdraw from the program for any reason after being placed in an internship role, Chipkoo will be entitled to 100% of your initial deposit and either 100% of the following payment(s) you made after the deposit or 50% of the program fee. If the withdrawal takes place less than 21 days before the start date, Chipkoo will be entitled to 100% of your initial deposit and 100% of the program fee.

4.5 If you request to change your placement or start date of your program more than 60 days prior to your start date no change fee will be charged by Chipkoo. If you request to change the placement or start date of your program less than 60 days prior to your commencement date a change fee may be charged at Chipkoo’s discretion. This change fee would be charged to compensate Chipkoo.

4.6 All refunds are paid via bank transfer and will be converted using the current exchange rate at that time.

4.7 We do not withhold any processing fee or service charge from refunds. However, the refund amount you receive may be less than you expected, due to fees or charges imposed by your bank or by other intermediary financial institutions. We have no control over this and cannot cover or reimburse these fees.

4.8 Any refund must be initiated within 6 months after the internship program start date selected by the participant. After this date, refunds are made solely at our discretion.


5.1 The content and information Chipkoo’s website present on our website and any other promotional information is believed to be accurate and valid, but we will not be held accountable and do not take responsibility for any misinformation or inaccuracy in any content. Our prices can change without notice and you will be held responsible for additional amounts that are to be paid if changes occur unless a deposit has already been submitted.

5.2 Chipkoo reserves the right to take your photograph or any video footage of you, to use in our promotional material which will not come at any cost to you. You are not obliged to take these pictures and at any moment can refuse. Our promotional material may be published, not limited to our website but our social media accounts e.g., Instagram, posters, adverts etc. too.

5.3 Copyright in the photographs will belong to Chipkoo. Photographic data is personal data of the client for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 and therefore we will not publish the images/video taken without your consent. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you consent for your photographic data to be used for our promotional purposes.


6.1 We have the right to change our suppliers and the format of our program as and when necessary, however we will attempt to always provide a similar program as possible.


7.1 We cannot accept any responsibility for program changes or withdrawals from the program under any of the following circumstances: war, terrorism, fire; sickness; environmental or climate concerns, acts of government or local authority. Any other event or circumstance which is not listed Chipkoo will not be liable for. In such cases of “force majeure” no refund or compensation for any loss will be given to you unless we decide so.


8.1 It is your responsibility as a client to be aware of any holidays or other events that may change the nature of the program as an international company. While most companies operate a 9 am-5 pm working schedule your placements may have different requirements and we cannot be held responsible for this.


9.1 Chipkoo wants you to have a great experience with us, therefore if you experience any problems while partaking in our program you must immediately inform a member of the team either directly or in email with a clear report of the problem. We as a team will respond to discuss the problem in a timely manner and conclude with you of how it can be solved. We will not be held liable for any conversations either oral or written unless it is recorded.

9.2 You agree to discuss any problems in your placement with a member of our team prior to discussing with your placement staff. If your placement chooses to withdraw you from the internship before the end for any reason, we will not be held accountable, no refunds will be made, and we are not required to provide you with another placement. If you wish to drop your placement prior to the end stated in your contract for any reason, a written notice should be given stating the reason why. You agree that due to your own wish to terminate the program, no refunds will be given.

9.3 Chipkoo cannot be held liable for any complaints/issues that transpire outside of the reasons stated above. As we offer international plans that are remote working, any problems such as housing, troubles with neighbours etc we will not be held accountable.


10.1 If you do not follow the rules of your placement then we can drop you from the program and a refund will not be given, reasons such as unsatisfactory performance or disorderly conduct apply here.

10.2 You will always behave in a professional manner and will not put yourself in any danger or be a danger to others. You agree to always take full responsibility for your conduct during your program. If you refuse and ignore this and become a problem, you will be held accountable, and the necessary consequences will be taken.

10.3 We retain all rights to terminate any individual from the program for reasons including but not limited to sharing personal data, bullying or harassment of any participant or staff, excessive absences, unreasonable behaviour, and disorderly conduct. Whether an individual has showcased behaviour listed will be determined by us in our sole discretion, and we reserve the right to immediately terminate the participant from the program with no refund provided.


11.1 We hold no liability for any third-party behaviour or actions for instance your chosen placement. We take no accountability for any accidents that may occur at any locations that do not belong to Chipkoo including your placement. It is your responsibility to make sure you purchase a personal liability insurance prior to the start date.


12.1 We at Chipkoo will give you a non-disclosure agreement which you agree to sign which will mean that you will respect and keep confidential and intellectual material that belong to us, other participants, or your placement safe and will not share with others by discussing or sending via email etc.


13.1 We will not be held responsible for the amount of work you will be provided by your placement whether it is of high or low intensity. You should discuss this problem with us first then we will attempt to resolve the problem with your placement accordingly.


14.1 Our maximum liability is limited to the program fee.


15.1 We will notify you of any additional payments that must be paid during the program, such as program changes or extensions, the fee of which will be determined by us.


16.1 If you are currently studying with or a graduate of one of our partner universities, the university will be informed.