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[1] Introduction

Thanks for visiting https://chipkoo.com/ website (“Chipkoo”, “Website”, “website”, “Site”,”site” or “platform”). This website is owned, operated and provided by Chipkoo Labs Limited (“Chipkoo”, “Chipkoo Labs, “Us”, “us, “We” or “we”) or other parties whose services we are using.

[1.1] Scope of Usage:

This website and its content is provided for your personal, non-commercial use only, subject to terms and conditions mentioned in this document.

[1.2] About Chipkoo.com

Chipkoo.com is a career transformation website that helps students embark on a successful career journey by means of mentorship, career guidance, podcasts, blogs, virtual internships, CV/resume development, interview preparation and other related services as mentioned in the website. We offer a mix of a free and paid services. Paid services are as such declared where payment is required for access.

[2] Chipkoo Career Charge

[2.1] Introduction

Chipkoo Career Charge is a consultancy service to improve your CV and prepare you for job interviews as per the following three packages.

  1. Expert Plan


  1. CV revamping based on Questionnaire 
  2. Two CV formats 
    1. Template of choice 
    2. ATS compliant format 
  3. Editable Files
  1. Specialist Plan


  1. All in Expert Package 
  2. LinkedIn Profile Revamp
  3. Cover Letter 
  4. Preparing your Elevator Pitch 
  5. Recommendations for Improving your LinkedIn profile viewability
  1.   Ace Plan


  1. All in Specialist Package 
  2. Interview Preparation Session with a Mentor 
  3. Interview Performance Report 
    1. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses
    2. Recommendations for improvement

[2.2] Process Flow

  1. User will choose one of the plans mentioned in 2.1 and then proceeds to checkout.
  2. User will pay for the plan using an online payment method (powered by Stripe) on the checkout page. 
  3. Once the payment has been made successfully, the user will receive an automated email from Chipkoo.com confirming that the order has been placed.
  4. Representatives from Chipkoo.com will contact the user with a questionnaire and would request any other information necessary to improve on the CV. It is highly recommended that the user answers the questionnaire and provides the requested information for a better and personalized CV.
  5. Chipkoo’s team will then work on creating the CVs in accordance with our internal processes.
  6. Once the the two templates are ready, Chipkoo’s team will upload the CVs in the Orders section of User Dashboard on Chipkoo,com from where the user can download the files
  7. In case the user decides not to respond to Chipkoo.com’s questionnaire within 48 hours, Chipkoo’s representatives will call the customer to respond to the email, if any contact number is provided. In case the user doesn’t answer the emails and/or calls or declines to provide the information, Chipkoo.com will proceed to complete the CV without the questionnaire.
  8. Provided information in point # 4 is provided within 48 hours, Chipkoo will deliver the CV templates within 3-5 working days. In case the referred information is delayed, Chipkoo will deliver the CV templates within 7 working days working on the information that has been made available to Chipkoo within 96 hours of sending the questionnaire, unless another timeline with the customer has been finalized. 
  9. If the user approves of the CV, Chipkoo will share editable versions of the files with the user to complete the transaction. 
  10. In case the user buys Specialist or Ace plan, Chipkoo will take another 3 working days after CV acceptance by the user to deliver the LinkedIn profile details, cover letter, elevator pitch and recommendations for LinkedIn. 
  11. In case the user buys the Ace plan, Chipkoo’s representative will set up an interview call with one of our career experts after the user confirms the CV delivery. To schedule the interview, Chipkoo’s representatives will share the career expert’s calendar with the user on email and the user will be required to choose date and time from the available slots. Chipkoo’s representative will also share information with the user regarding the session as well as the career expert profile. 
  12. During the interview session, Chipkoo’s career expert will take a mock interview of the user as well as give them feedback on the interview. This session will be 20-30 minutes long typically and after the session, the career expert will compile their feedback assessment using a standard form. The form result will be shared with the user within 1-2 working days of the interview, along with recommendations. 
  13. The user needs to respond to Chipkoo’s emails for scheduling the interview within 14 days of the CV delivery, unless agreed otherwise. In case the user fails to schedule the interview within 14 days of the CVs delivery, Chipkoo reserves the right to close the order. 

[2.4] Refund

  1. In case the user is not satisfied with the CV templates delivered, they can ask for revisions twice with feedback, which will be delivered within 3 working days of the revision request.
  2. In case the user is not satisfied with the CV, they can claim a refund within 7 days of delivery. The refund will be made on the same payment method using which the user made the payment and the refund amount will not include the Stripe processing fees (2.9%+30¢).
  3. In case the user has been awarded refund, they will lose any rights to use the material provided by Chipkoo.com in any application or online profile.
  4. Refunds will only be given once the PDF versions of CV have been declined. In case of Specialist Plan and Ace Plan, refunds will also be offered only for PDF versions of CVs. Once the PDF versions have been accepted and the editable versions of files are delivered, the user will not be able to claim any refunds for any of the plans.

[2.5] User Role and Responsibilities

  1. User is responsible to select the appropriate format of choice 
  2. User is responsible for payment at the time of checkout
  3. User is responsible to ensure that they are authorized to use the payment instrument used in making the payment. Payment instrument may refer to credit cards, bank account, digital wallets or any other source that is used in making the online payment
  4. User is responsible to provide authentic and correct information for the purpose of creating/revamping CVs and interview preparation. Chipkoo will only deliver CVs and interview preparations based on information shared by the user.
  5. User is responsible for responding to all communications done by Chipkoo’s representative via email or phone (in case contact number is provided). Standard time for responding to emails by Chipkoo is 2 working days after which Chipkoo reserves the right to proceed to complete the order with the limited information available. 

[2.6] Chipkoo Role and Responsibilities

  1. Chipkoo is responsible to deliver the order as per the user’s selected plan.
  2. Chipkoo is responsible for maintaining the quality of the order
  3. Chipkoo is responsible for displaying the information shared by the user correctly in the delivered order.
  4. Chipkoo is responsible to initiate any communication to gather information with respect to the order. 
  5. Chipkoo is responsible to answer any queries raised by the customer via email or chat.
  6. If the customer requests for refund, Chipkoo is responsible to provide the refund as per refund policy


While learning at Chipkoo Labs Ltd UK, you are representing not just yourself, but the university/institute/office and your fellow students, both current and future.  Whether you do well or not at your site may have implications far beyond your current situation. 

You are governed by the employer’s employment policies, practices, procedures, dress code, and/or standards of conduct. To avoid any misunderstanding, it is recommended that you obtain clarification regarding such matters from your employer when you begin your assignments/tasks. 

Your performance while on assignment as a learner may be measured by your employer’s performance measurement process and/or a university sponsored performance evaluation. You must receive a satisfactory (or better) performance rating for the period of your learning for it to be recognized by the university and/or Organization.  You must keep both the university/Organization training and development department and your sponsoring employer apprised, at all times, of your current e‐mail address, 
physical address and telephone number.

You will follow all policies and procedures of the learning, as well as the university/Organization policies for on‐campus classes/work.  This includes the following;

  • You will conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times.  
    This includes, but is not limited to:  Maintaining confidentiality regarding information accessed on any
  • patients, clients, members, customers, employees, and products or services associated with the internship.
  • Reporting for the internship on time.
  • Using appropriate written and oral expression in all interactions with university personnel, managers, supervisors, employees, the public and clients.
  • Participating in any orientation or testing required by the learning site.
  • Observing all established safety and sanitation codes;
  • Engaging in positive, good, legal behavior;
  • You’re accepting responsibility and accountability for decisions and actions taken while at the learning, you are aware that respecting the confidentiality of the Mentee / Mentor relationship is essential to the Chipkoo’s Meeting of Minds Program. You understand that using or sharing personal/confidential information outside of this Mentorship Program is strictly prohibited. Information disclosed between a Mentor and Mentee must be valued and respected in order to facilitate the growth of trust in the mentorship relationship and the program as a whole. You have read and fully understand this agreement and recognize that You’re bound to this agreement even after the Mentor Program is discontinued. You understand that any breach of confidentiality will result in your release from this opportunity and, depending on the nature of the breach, more severe consequences may apply.

The Mentorship Program is a volunteer program between two people. In no event shall the Chipkoo Labs be liable to either the Mentor or the Mentee or any other person, for any direct, indirect, consequential special, incidental reliance, punitive or any other damages or for any lost profits or loss of data or any other commercial or economic loss of any kind, even if advised of the possibility thereof or for any claim against the Mentor or Mentee or by any other party.

NOTE: Under no circumstances should either party engage in any dialogue or conduct that causes psychological, emotional, physical and /or financial harm to the other party.