I am aware that respecting the confidentiality of the Mentee / Mentor relationship is essential to the Chipkoo’s Mentorship Program. I understand that using or sharing personal/confidential information outside of the Mentorship Program is strictly prohibited. Information disclosed between a Mentor and Mentee must be valued and respected in order to facilitate the growth of trust in the mentorship relationship and the program as a whole. I have read and fully understand this agreement and recognize that I am bound to this agreement even after the Mentor Program is discontinued. I understand that any breach of confidentiality will result in my release from this mentorship opportunity and, depending on the nature of the breach, more severe consequences may apply.

The Mentorship Program is a volunteer program between two people. In no event shall the chipkoo be liable to either the Mentor or the Mentee or any other person, for any direct, indirect, consequential special, incidental reliance, punitive or any other damages or for any lost profits or loss of data or any other commercial or economic loss of any kind, even if advised of the possibility thereof or for any claim against the Mentor or Mentee or by any other party.


Mentorship works best when it is approached with the same commitment to professionalism and standards as your ongoing business responsibilities. Both parties assume equal accountability for the success of the partnership, and are open to exploring and understanding other perspectives of business practices and procedures. During the program you are expected to understand that sharing personal/confidential information outside of the Mentorship Program is strictly prohibited. Be willing and able to meet at a minimum once a month with a year commitment.

NOTE: Under no circumstances should either party engage in any dialogue or conduct that cause’s psychological, emotional, physical and /or financial harm to the other party.

CE and Certificate

The CCO has approved the Chipkoo Mentorship Program as a means to obtain Continuing Education “CE” credits upon completion of the program. Participants are asked to maintain a log of their activities and documents throughout the program for administrative purposes. For further details on how to earn your CE credits please refer to the CCO Handbook.

A Certificate of Completion will be provided to participants upon concluding their year of mentoring period. This certificate recognizes mentees and mentors who have dedicated time to help build the profession. In order to be awarded this certification, the participant must:

  1. Attend or view recording of the orientation mentorship meeting
  2. Meet a minimum of twelve hours (one hour each month for the continuous period of year)
  3. Complete and submit the following forms to the Chipkoo:
    1. Mentor-Mentee Relationship Agreement
    2. Mid-Evaluation form
    3. Final Evaluation form