Summer Internships 2021 – Kickstart Your Career

Summer Internships 2021 – Kickstart Your Career

Summer Internships 2021 – Kickstart Your Career

Young people have it tougher than ever. Due to the global pandemic, Unemployment is on the rise, people are being made redundant, and it’s said that graduates are facing one of the toughest job markets in decades (Jones, 2020). Research shows only 18% of students secured a job in 2020 compared to the average 60%, not to mention these positions will most likely be of a much lower pay than they expected. That is why summer 2021 Internships are more important than ever. As a whole, Internships are a win-win program to enroll in, with many benefits, connections and great start ups, there’s nothing better. Specifically aimed at students, they’re able to start their career by making wise career choices by having the option to try out different industries before they dive straight in.

Finding the right career path

Choosing the right career path is massively important, with the retirement age rising to 67 by 2026-28, young people will work for over 50 years. Once in a career path, it’s tricky to swap over and do something completely different. A recent study shows that many undergraduates and students have no idea what they want to do in the future (Concrete, 2021) and students are often forced to choose a career path quickly. This emphasizes ‘the need for high quality, free and easy to access careers information for young people’ (Concrete, 2021). That is why summer 2021 internships are at a huge advantage, you could practically go into an internship in any direction. Many companies offer internships in business, finance & accounting, sales & marketing, human resources and many more, therefore there is a huge range of subjects which you can choose from and basically ‘check out’ before you dive into that career. If you don’t like it, you can easily change, or if you do really enjoy it, then you know that’s the right career path for you.

Develop your skills

Skills and experience are the top elements employers look at. Unlike jobs, Internships give you the opportunity to up-skill and re-skill fast. COVID19 means that new skills are needed in order to thrive in the workplace such as; digital, cognitive, social and emotional, adaptability and resilience skills (Mckinsey, 2020). Now of course all workplaces will attempt to nurture their employees but many companies are already established in terms of knowing their goals and it’s often left to the employees to venture for themselves, but where does that leave you and your goals? This is where summer 2021 internships have that slight edge, focusing on what you need to learn for the future, many tasks are dedicated to your learning rather than just being beneficial to the company. Therefore when it comes to your career, you’re ready to earn value as soon as you start.

Gain real work experience

Almost every job description states that they want someone with experience, and will most likely turn you down if you haven’t got it. How are young people / graduates expected to have 3-5 years of experience if no one will give them the opportunity? This can be one of the most frustrating things when it comes to applying for jobs and starting your career. Summer internships give you that opportunity to prove you have the basic skills and have picked up some new soft skills and overall; learn what it’s like in the job. Beneficial as you can take part while studying, then when it’s time to apply for employment, you’ve done your studies and gained experience at the same time. Knocking a few years off your journey, yet highly valuable. Plus it would look super good on your CV as it shows commitment and that you are willing to sacrifice your free time in order to gain experience and develop important skills.

Making connections and build references

No matter what you do, networking is one of the top reasons to enroll into a summer internship. Many people believe it’s ‘who you know’ that will get you further, which in some cases it may be true. If they don’t know about you, haven’t heard about you, then how will they employ you or promote you? That’s why it’s so important to make as many connections as you can. Summer 2021 internships give you access to colleagues in different positions in the industry, sometimes connections that other employees can’t make. Jerome (2012) said that this may be due to their status of “young and short term” support, interns are able to get advice from practically anyone, as even the CEO has the responsibility to newcomers.

As an intern, you have the opportunities to attend networking events, email people from different companies, and make connections with different people globally. Not to mention that you could even gain a full time job with the company, having impressed the supervisors, you could actually land your dream job this way.

How Chipkoo can help this summer

Chipkoo identifies with student issues more than you think. Having fully researched student life, issues and struggles, we have designed a summer internship programme that fulfills all student needs. The programme aims to boost employability by enhancing skills, keeping students up to date with the rapidly increasing job demands, putting students into the correct career path, making connections and giving them the experience they need.

Chipkoo works on every aspect mentioned above, giving students an all-round experience and a head start into their career, as well as improving CVs/ resumes, cover letters and even more modern aspects like LinkedIn profiles. Get ready for the upcoming academic year and apply now to our summer internship, you won’t regret it!



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