Students Twice as Likely to Desire Virtual Internships – An Advantage?

Students Twice as Likely to Desire Virtual Internships – An Advantage?

As COVID continues to face us with everyday challenges in the workplace and in
education. Most students were left having to mainly teach themselves from the
comfort of their own homes, completing assignments, essays, dissertations, the lot.
Therefore many students are now a little more used to virtual learning, is that to say
they now prefer virtual internships?

As a result of the global pandemic, in-person internships are a no go. Many
companies have cancelled or rescheduled their internship programmes due to the
government guidelines, but many have also re-directed into offering virtual
internships which are becoming increasingly popular among students. They allow
you to gain professional experience and the ability to learn with a company, connect
with popular brands and startups, and allow you to re-skill and up-skill for the future
(Julia Hurtado, 2021). Even though virtual internships are of an increasing interest
due to an increase in technology, the pandemic has led to this being pushed even
more.. and it’s not a bad thing.

According to an article (Page, M. 2012), there are many reasons why students prefer
online learning. First being that they have a more flexible schedule. It allows you to
be much more organised. Many internships allow you to choose your own schedule,
leaving you time to complete other activities. Not to mention this alone sets you up
with organisation skills ready for your career. You learn before you even start!
Secondly, you don’t have to worry about falling behind, virtual internships allow you
to work at your own pace as there’s no powerpoint slides moving too quickly or a
lecturer you can’t keep up with! Having information to come back to is always a
bonus. Not to mention the communication between you and your mentor is a lot
easier. On top of all of this, we all know students can be a bit lazy when It comes to
attending lectures, open days and work experience.. (lets not lie to ourselves) we’ve
all dreaded going in to work, having to fill up with petrol or buying a bus ticket. Virtual
internships don’t require you to move or spend money. Especially 1-Day internships,
8 hours of skill building and learning from your own home and you’re all done.
What’s not to prefer?

Due to the change in working conditions, virtual internships are more in demand.
More and more students are being invited to apply for students this summer as
applying for jobs seems to be getting increasingly difficult. Many companies now
offer a range of internships in different subjects, from law to engineering, business
and marketing to media, and also many different durations of the internship
programmes. A recent article (PA Media, 2020) states that a survey suggests that
almost two-thirds of recent graduates have had their job applications be put on
pause or have been withdrawn, as well as a huge confident drop in themselves.

Of course looking for the perfect internship can be difficult, so ideally you want to try
out a short-term internship that costs little to no money. We know money can be an
issue for recent graduates and students, but we want to help you regardless as you
are our future! At Chipkoo, we offer a fully sponsored 1Day internship where you
gain all the knowledge you need to start your career. For only 8 hours for one day,
you gain so many opportunities that will connect you to popular brands that could
help you further in your career. If you enjoy it, take a look at our premium plans, we
offer expert help in every field to ensure you’re going in the right direction, start it off
from the comfort of your own home.


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