Host Company Partnerships

Tons of great ideas but not enough workforce to grow those ideas into reality? We have experience hiring candidates for small, medium and large companies around the world. Chipkoo Labs Ltd provides dynamic, creative and virtual interns for global host companies across a range of career fields.

Access International Interns, any project, anywhere, anytime.

Over the year, our host companies have benefited from our interns’ global insights and fresh ideas. We work with some great startups and companies already. We think you should join them in your quest for top talent. All our interns complete training and coaching before beginning their placement – they’re ready to work from day one. Also You’re going to be a great supervisor. But you’re not alone in supporting your interns. Get in touch with us and let us help you hire your next graduate talent or an intern.
Why partner?

Supporting Employer

Whether you have hired 0 or 100 candidates, we are here to make the process easier. First time hiring? Not to worry, we will share best practices. Need insight as to what candidates expect? We have you covered!
Why partner?

Zero Recruitment Fees

It’s completely free to work with us. No catches- we promise! Let us know what you are looking for and we will screen the candidate and interview them before we pass it on to you, all at at no cost to you.

Our Interns Are Equipped With The Most Valuable Skills

Our Interns are mostly undergraduates who are seeking professional training experiences, interactive work environment and recruitment schemes.

50+  Host Companies from our internship network across Asia, UK, Europe, Canada and Middle East

100+ Interns and counting have been placed across our Host Company network globally.

Finding Interns can be simple & efficient. We make it hassle-free process for employers.

Our Screening Process

We receive over 2000 application a year and our candidates go through a rigorous screening process. First stage of our screening process involves reviewing their CV & online application (initial screening) and if the candidates pass this stage, they will be invited to a 45 minute long, industry specific, Skype interview. Our Skype selection criteria include:

Skills Audit

The first step in the screening process is a comprehensive academic, extracurricular and skill set evaluation. The candidate must be able to show a keen interest in the industry and competent enough to complete key tasks in the industry they have applied for.

Business Communication

The second step in the screening process is a comprehensive language, personality and communication evaluation. Candidates must be able to read, write, and speak English fluently.

Commercial Awareness

Each candidate is screened by specific exercises that cover core topics within the candidate’s preferred industry. We look at commercial awareness, problem-solving ability and creativity.

Team Chipkoo is simply superb in terms of their understanding of our company’s requirements. We were so amazed the way they provided us a tailored programme for our company and provided us maximum job knowledge brand ambassadors who did a massive job for our sales and marketing department. The dynamics, personality and profile that presents higher chance of success and the team’s enthusiasm and cooperation flourished the development.
Convo - Brand Ambassador Programme
A Silicon Valley Tech company, USA
We are proud of the progress Chipkoo GCVIP internees made which reflected in their
professional attitude and confidence. The management/team was very corporative and
the tools opted were effective for productive learning and quick communication. We
hired 2 interns out of 5 for their because of their amazing performance in our internship
programme led by Chipkoo Mentors.
Rise and Smile - Internship Programme for NGO's kids
Autism awareness, U.K.
The level of commitment and professionalism of Team Chipkoo and its intern in meeting
our challenging requirements is commendable.
We have come to trust their teachings
and assessment of candidates a great deal.
BSO Fintax - Management Trainee programme
England and UAE.
It is clear that GCVIP’s curriculum is designed to fit the needs of all interns and covers a
wide range of career readiness skills along with practices to build confidence and tackle
issues such as anxiety and stress. The software tools involved further supported their
development making their role as a digital citizen more refined. The management
impressed us with their high level of service and coordination.
Maple Green - Internship programme
GCVIP Interns displayed great level of passion and were equipped with adequate
knowledge of business communication and management skills. We appreciate the team
for going an extra mile each time to ensure the best possible learning experience for the
SIRM - Internship programme for their students
School of Risk and Management, U.K.