Chipkoo facilitates young innovators and entrepreneurs in establishing their sustainable and technology friendly products and services in the global market.



Corporate sectors

Chipkoo is a platform for all the professionals to fulfill their corporate needs and a platform for multi-national organisations and local firms to promote healthy relationship between the employee and employer for successful navigation and validation of creative innovations, retails of company products etc.

Student communities

Chipkoo is itself a community for students all over the world. By connecting with us, you will be interacting with industry professionals of your chosen fields, updating your knowledge bank, creating a space for yourself in this fast paced world, polishing your skills before hand, getting interacted with students across the globe, growing your network and much more.

government sectors

Chipkoo is always their to help everyone. We promise to serve our best corporate services to local and international Governments for the betterment of the country. Our professional advisors and mentors will take you through the root cause of the events and help you
in taking informed decisions for country.

Freelancers community

The Gig Economy is one of the fastest and ever growing Industry in this New Normal. Freelancers face a lot of issues in connecting with the right employers and firms. They even face problems in establishing their products and skills, to enhance their professionalism, The more they grow their network, the more they get to the work.

PRIVATE sectors

The private sectors including schools, colleges, universities and institutions are an asset in grooming and educating country's youth. In order to provide quality education, the faculty should have mentoring quality which will help students in connecting with
your institutions and make you proud.

teachers and professors

Teachers, Professors and Faculty members are the key to be sought to fight illiteracy in the world. We, Chipkoo, will help them in reaching the mentees and students to promote quality education. A step forward to bring students and learners to one platform and receive virtual learning environment and get to know about trending technologies.