What's Included


The internships are based primarily in the workplace, and are designed to meet the best practices defined by 60+ professional bodies. A significant majority of the participant’s time should be spent at the employer’s premises (remotely). Whilst at the employer the intern will be expected to comply with real job conditions i.e., task performing, job shadowing etc.

The method of communication will be Email, Phone conferences, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. Schedule/process for checking in with supervisor regarding progress reports (i.e., daily, weekly, etc.)

Regular meetings with local and international teams. Checking-in with the supervisor and clear commitment of time would be expected.

To present work and/or collaborate with other employees, description of intern responsibilities with clear expectations and deliverables. Type of training including live mentoring sessions led by MENTORS.


The Internship Skills framework heavily draws on the work of 60+ Professional bodies i.e., NACE, CIPD, Department for Business Innovation and Skills (U.K.), Department for Education (U.K.), PRCA, InternQube, British Council Prospects (U.K.), World Economic Forum (WEF), The European Digital Competence etc. The Intern will receive the mentoring with the alignment of the 60+ professional bodies’ skills framework. By receiving mentoring and tasks aligned with these employability skills, the intern would boost its employability to an exponential.

explaining details of your internship, responsibilities and what else you can expect to get out of the internship.

Onboarding to the organization and relevant staff members, and to be given an explanation on how the workplace functions and which resources will enable you to carry out your role.

You will be completing a part-time (10 hours per week) Placement, lasting a total minimum of 40 – 60 hours across 1 to 2 months.


In order to ensure that the employer is well-placed to provide appropriate support and opportunities for the intern to develop in the workplace, Chipkoo team works closely with the employer to bring out the greatest value that comes from the actual work the intern does and how they will be drawing upon these experiences in the future. Chipkoo customize the Internships that become ideal for interns in achieving top tier professional skills. As a part of workforce transformation; organic, mentor groomed candidates are ideal choices for different niche market jobs. Chipkoo redefined the unconventional internship for the interns to make it a high quality experience for them.

The skills or knowledge learned must be transferable to other employment settings. The experience will be a defined beginning and end. There will be clearly defined learning objectives/goals related to the professional goals of the student’s academic coursework.


In order to assist you in finding your dream job, we have carefully analyzed market demands to determine how modifications in one’s CV and LinkedIn profile can increase the prospect of one being called for an interview as per the perspective of global companies and renowned recruiters. Our experts will rewrite your profile and prepare you for job interviews.

There is routine feedback by the experienced supervisor. There will also be supervision by a professional with expertise and educational and/or professional background in the field of the experience.

Intern will have the access to virtual job fairs, events globally along with on job and off job training sessions.

A regularly scheduled email report in which you provide information to the internship site mentor and the academic advisor, such as hours worked, challenges or problems encountered, progress toward learning objectives, and any questions you may have.


From the start, the intern will be in the supervision of our admin support team as well as in the supervision of Host Company’s line manager. He will be thoroughly guided towards practical details of internship, responsibilities and tasks, intern rights, learning goals, orientation and onboarding along with all the necessary documents to get that intern started. Timely feedback, Gallup strength Assessments and Performance Evaluation would be perform in order to track their progress. Throughout the internship, he will be given 24/7 support from Chipkoo team.

The internship will be conducted remotely with the option of flexible hours along with the remote technology/tools training.

There are resources, paid access, and facilities provided by the host employer and Chipkoo Team that support learning objectives/goals.

Use of a company intranet or virtual workspace on a server, or an online project management or document-sharing tool, such as Office 365, Google Docs, or a similar program will be granted access to the intern. This will allow the supervisor to go online and monitor the work to be completed. The work is stored in the “cloud”, not on a single PC, so it is always available to those who need it.


The Intern will be provided with all the necessary work experience documents, certifications from provider and Host Company. Along with LinkedIn recommendation and reference letter.

It is mandatory to attend meetings via video conferencing with your cameras on [until there is any valid reason not to do so]. We expect interns to mute themselves when not speaking, switch on their Camera, be on time; ensure your technology works correctly, and wear formals (in case of presentations or meetings with stakeholder or senior management.)

Intern will be responsible to maintain files, scheduling and updating weekly tasks, creating notes (meeting minutes), maintaining due dates, giving daily updates to line managers and reminders.

The Intern needs to provide the required documents and inform about his absenteeism. The Intern must provide a timely response in HR matters.

Application Procedure

Eligibility Criteria

Participation in the internship program is open to students from all over the world. Placements are made based on the compatibility of the student’s interests and academic background and the needs of a particular host company.

Remote Internship Plan

Securing an Internship via Chipkoo is a bridge to full time opportunities, that too in any part of the world through best affordable yet packed with massive support industry packages you can ever find.

Remote Internship

*Admin support charges
£ 299
  • Work placement
  • Employability Mentoring worth £200
  • Career Development worth £100
  • Admin Customize Support Arrangements
  • Off Job Trainings + work related Tutorials
  • Customize Support Arrangements
  • Gallup Strength Assessment worth £17
  • Optimized CV/Resume (ATS Compliant) worth £60
  • LinkedIn Profile Assessment and Recommendation
  • Fully packed Co-curricular Activities
  • Certificate + Reference Letter from Host Company
  • Exclusive and personalized learning