Productivity during covid

Productivity during covid

In developing countries like Pakistan, people be educated or less educated have been wasting most of their time with mobile, TV, laptop, etc.

How can they make the most of Quarantine a better opportunity for themselves?

How can students plan to make Covid19 a blessing for them?

We know as something new comes, people tend to go against it, it is natural phenomena. But those who realize the importance of change, they make the most of their time and energy.

Do you believe so?

Whether you believe it or not, support your points of view with examples and arguments.

Life and times during this Covid-19 pandemic feel nothing less than being in quarantine. While during the quarantine period our mind strikes with all the unnatural and unusual emotional states which eventually give rise to moods and thoughts one can’t unseen. But having to ponder upon these conditions of our countries the most we could do at the moment is make use of quarantine time and treat it as a blessing from above, regardless of the conspiracy theories arising following the 5G network spread and it’s the connection with  corona virus

Ways I believe one can make the best use of quarantine time is by indulging ourselves in productive activities such as reading books of new and old authors, researching new, interesting and untouched topics about what’s real in our world and what’s fiction to what extent, trying to learn a new language or a dialect of some sort, learning how to play new instruments whether eastern or western, trying to cook a new food item or just the basics, home exercising, meditation and yoga and most importantly starting up something such as a new habit, hobby, routine, and business. All of what we can brainstorm at such a time won’t be of any use until we plan of what we want to work with, a change is always good as long as we start with ourselves. A Self-reflection of what our potentials are and how can we empower our mindsets towards our strengths and abolishing all of our weak points. 

As the whole world is on lockdown during coronavirus and every individual is far from having to rush things so the best approach to planning on our goals would be to take things to step by step. Understanding their field and topic through the internet by browsing along with useful sites, surfing useful videos, and reading through relevant blogs and articles by users doing the same thing. Following role models and our ideals is a good thing and what’s even better is to contact people over the internet get the proper guidance to uplift our morals and boost our confidence with the appropriate knowledge needed.

Change can be scary but what people don’t understand is that it is how life works, it’s funny how we update our gadgets weekly but when it comes to our upbringing we hesitate. Truth be told what meets the eye isn’t always a surprise at hand, opportunities are a phenomenon that won’t stop pushing towards us since it isn’t a one-time thing. Fortune favors the bold and if we don’t adapt and flex these lockdown days, we won’t be able to cope with the massive changes this world has to offer after the pandemic of corona virus. 

Examples on what things will be after the lockdown lifted, the importance of home-based jobs will increase especially in the telecom sectors, humans will understand how crucial it is to have someone to talk to such as a friend or a family In-person, home ridden individuals or introverts will know how life is just as pleasing outside their homes, companies will try to come up with online engagements to avoid anything similar to this in future and try to support all sorts of online trends in terms of sponsoring them or jumping on the bandwagon with the fear of being left behind in the rat race.

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