A video was uploaded on YouTube on 21.07.2021. The contents of which were a mix of lies, misinformation, slander, figment of imagination, inflammatory, provocative and defamatory.

We take our work very seriously, but we give even more importance to the people who are attached with us, whether they are our employees, our partners, our interns or our collaborators.

We would like to state as clearly and potently as possible that we shall avail all options available under law in UK or any other jurisdiction to protect our brand, staff, and our interns from bullying, vilifying, maligning and defamation.

Our Work In summary:

Chipkoo Labs has provided free-of-cost training as well as paid/unpaid internships to large numbers of graduates, who are now starting their careers, under multiple programmes, including some with the UK govt. We also employ some of these interns ourselves. We are now moving to a commercially sustainable approach in which we sell skills-based training and support companies providing work experience and charge processing fees for industry placements against which credits can be earned by interns after working for a certain number of hours for their respective employers. The work they do for earning credit hours are for external employers and in no way benefits Chipkoo. We found the accusations not only extremely incorrect but highly disturbing and insulting for our respected graduate interns ‘whose pictures were used in the video’ and who never paid us to “buy” a University credit.

  1. Firstly a brief intro about Chipkoo Labs. We are a UK based startup and have been around since 2019 starting with providing free mentorships and then venturing into skills based training.
  2. We entertain two types of interns/trainees:
    A) who work for us and
    B) who joined us for Global Certified Virtual Internship programme (GCVIP), a project-based skills training programme now integrated into Global Internship.

We’ll address both of them separately;

A) All trainees/interns that are under type A are those who work for us and whose video testimonials were shown in the YouTube content. We have partnered with different UK Government bodies and organisations to offer training and internships to young professionals to work 25 hours a week on our own projects including our website and social media. These trainees are NOT charged anything in ANY manner and they NEVER bought any credit. Instead, all of them were PAID salaries as per the UK employment laws, except for a couple of trainees who were with us for a month under an unpaid (yet free of cost) Govt. training programme.

B) Interns/ trainees under type B join us for a 4-16 weeks work-based skills training programme (GCVIP) in which they spend 8-10 hours a week with us. This involves training sessions, mentorship sessions and working on live professional projects of our partner companies. These trainees/interns DO NOT work on projects for Chipkoo Labs, its website or its social media. Under GCVIP we deliver a skills-based curriculum that has been designed in accordance with NACE and other International standards. Over a number of students have graduated under this programme since 2020 and we have charged them ZERO for this experience. These interns come from around the world including the UK and bore all the training, support, administration and staffing costs itself, charging absolutely NOTHING in payments for attending the programme or any associated activity. After graduation, most of them went on to find employment or an education programme or were employed by Chipkoo itself or the companies they did projects for.

  1. In the second quarter of 2021, we decided to modify and monetise the GCVIP, which we had been delivering for free as pilot until then, to cover our staffing, administration, support and training costs and renamed it to Global Internship for simplification. It is completely legal, because it is essentially a project-based skills training programme or professional internship course (as mentioned in features). As far as credits are concerned, they are NOT bought but instead earned by working for the said number of hours with a partner company/employer under the remote and hybrid internship plans only (these plans offer industry placements for this purpose as mentioned in the page). It’s up to the partner company/employer to offer a paid or unpaid internship which the intern can accept or decline, while the costs mentioned are Chipkoo’s processing and support fees. In no way, Chipkoo benefits from the work an intern does.
  1. We believe there may be a confusion caused by the use of the word “internship” for the totality of the programme. We are going to use this opportunity to make necessary changes in our communication, especially with the terminologies to make our website easier to use, transparent and true to its word.
  1. We are a company registered in the UK. We fully abide by laws of the land. As an organization, we take integrity very seriously and aim for complete transparency, this is solely the reason why our website and social media is full of explainers from the team as well as testimonials from our interns/trainees and graduates. We have declared everything and keep our trainings recorded and well documented, in case any governmental regulatory department wants to have a look.
  2. From a cybersecurity perspective, WordPress can be made safe and robust, with good practices and right security tools. One would be surprised to know how many mainstream websites, including those of international media and publishing houses, are based on WordPress.
  3. Finally, this video doesn’t just raise questions over our business model; unfortunately it goes on to slander our current and previous interns and graduates in the most insulting manner without undertaking any background checks. Not only did these young people NEVER buy any credits or paid us in any manner whatsoever. Moreover, they worked extremely hard and earned their reimbursements during their time with Chipkoo and don’t deserve these false accusations. These bright wonderful young people did nothing wrong and are just starting their career and just like with us, we will not accept any questions on their integrity. One is more than welcome to contact us or relevant UK Government departments for any cross checks and verification.


Lastly, but importantly we take the Human Resource attached with us very seriously and would always protect them from slander, bullying and defamation.


Dated: 24-Jul-2021