Let's Explore Ourselves In This Quarantine....


Our tasks are to have our minds opened to different horizons and unleash our hidden potentials, to get an understanding of what we humans are capable of and to bring about the best version of us in every field of work or leisure. Tapping on different emotions of ours and Noticing our mannerisms in certain situations and what causes the effect to move towards the effect. Getting an insight on ranges of intelligence and their components.

Action Plan:

After tapping on different emotions of ours, trying to find peace within that mental state. Making use of the information provided through the relevant source to manage the given knowledge onto ourselves and others around us. Keeping track of the changes in our behaviors and reflecting on what else is there to fix. Consistently motivating our-self through mastering in our field of choice, looking upon our heroes for the right guidance, and reacting wisely in given circumstances.


Trying to fulfill all our needs according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs up to self-actualizing, implementing strategies to boosting our self-esteem by offering ourselves rewards now and then. Reminding ourselves what our positive traits are, having a company of people that pass on good vibes. Accepting our flaws and try to change that according to the morals of our society and what’s culturally acceptable.

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