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Our one mission is to enable Chipkoo learners from around the world to be able to interact in a compelling way. Learn international ethics of businesses, understand the job market and its dynamics, broaden network with international students & professionals, acquire knowledge about recruitment process, get specific training and education, master practical career experience, grasp global perspective of average student .   


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Once matched together; mentors and mentees can start using chipkoo’s website dashboard and telecommunication application software.

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Our experts will assess the individual needs and assign a mentor accordingly. Chatting sessions will be set up between mentor and mentee to get to know each other.

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Mentors and mentees can invite their networks to engage and post their personal achievements to help others. This will get them recognition and feedback in return.

Learn how our Mentors are used by professionals to win over multi-national corporations. The Passion of our Mentors will find you the perfect path for success.