Chipkoo Labs is proud to present The Mentoring Program for Medical Students, where we aim to provide medical students the access to multiple job fairs, internships, house jobs, licensing, and medical practices and help them connect with renowned doctors and medical professionals.

Demolishing the impractical ways of traditional internships, we enable students, undergraduates and fresh graduates to demonstrate skills, explore career paths and build networks with professionals all around the globe.

Fully aligned with NACE career readiness competencies.

Fully Aligned with UN SDGs
to prepare global workforce.

Fully Aligned with World Economic Forum Skill Competencies

CliftonStrengths, Gallup based Strength Assessments

Problem we are solving

The employment landscape includes a huge number of medical graduates. Virtually all OECD countries exercise some form of control over medical school intakes, often by limiting the number of available training places. Maintaining or increasing the number of doctors requires either investment in training new doctors or recruiting trained physicians from abroad. 

As it takes about ten years to train a doctor, any current shortages can be met only by recruiting qualified doctors from abroad, unless there are unemployed doctors at home. Conversely, any surpluses or sudden fall in demand may mean that new graduates struggle to find vacant posts at home.

80% Generation Y & Z
College Graduates

94% of our graduates recommend our coaching and mentors

60% Women aged
between 16-30

60% Of those grads have earned promotions within their first year

Our Solution

Designed specifically to enhance your career prospects, Meeting of Minds combines leading Skills for Career Success and training with an interactive virtual work environment. We surfaced data of over 660+ million professionals and 20+ million jobs to cover the most in-demand skills of 2020.

Our aim is to support medical students/graduates through right skills development, job opportunities, volunteer work and work-based learning to boost decent jobs for them, synthesize and share evidence about why and how best to support their employment, and develop a community of practice and engage youth to foster learning and develop workforce by outreaching multi-stakeholder within and between countries. 

Duration 4-5 Weeks,
2 Hours Per Week

Eligibility: Undergraduates, Post Graduates & professionals

Mentee must be flexible with Time Zones (USA, Canada, U.K.)

Mentee must clear Application Process


  • Giving you the greatest knowledge in the shortest amount of time.
  • Licensing and Examination Guidance to practice in foreign countries.
  • As medical students are always lacking of time so this program is designed in way not requiring much of your time yet providing you the most.
  • Mentoring and Guidance by professional Doctors across the globe.
  • Access to multiple job, career, education fairs. 
  • Access to multiple house job, internship opportunities, workshops and volunteer programmes
  • Boost networking in the community of best minds in medical fields. 
  • Interviewing etiquettes, cv and covering letters, market value of your field, manager requires from an employee. 
  • A number of sessions not only for career development but also for your self-grooming, confidence boosting, enhancement of communication skills, mental health and much more.