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7 powerful Hacks To Excel Your Start up

Brilliant ideas are everywhere, but very few people can carry out it. Most of the Starts-ups fails because of mismanagement. Here is what you can do to sustain your start-up. Economists have found that small scale companies gain more success because of their smart entrepreneurs who visualize that executives of outstanding firms can help them reach their goals. Relationships like this can help young entrepreneurs to do outstanding for their businesses.

Setbacks are important:

Don’t worry if you face failure in the beginning; It’s an indicator you are on the right path. You just need to enhance your efforts. Keep your head down and keep moving.

Surround yourself with positive energy:

Careerists always look out for positive vibes and for that they usually used to identify people’s actions, willingness and goals. Because that’s what gives you motivation to chase the success.

Be an initiator:

It’s very important to take things in your hands and step forward with whatever you think can benefit your organization. Don’t afraid of wanting more for yourselves and for your best entrepreneurship.

Team work

To increase your company’s staying power, hiring a diverse team can further lead up to successful startups. Hence, having a team belonging to different backgrounds can produce a variety of work.

Self assessment:

A successful entrepreneur always know how to create his way through thick and thin. Profit and loss are the part of the corporate world, but learning a lesson through it can only make the successful entrepreneur a fighter. He should know how to roll money in the corporate world.

Business sense

Having an investment will make your business stable, but how to get investments in your business? You need to show some passion that why one should buy your product.

This can bring investments to your business. Define your success criteria. But that’s not all your work requires. You need to have a certain amount of knowledge about your industry that what’s people’s demands and what your competitors are doing in order to come up with great startup ideas.

Social model

Learn from a mentor, get influenced by him because that’s how you can develop your business sense. Establish discussions on those major issues that you are facing. Time and competence matter the most, so apprentice should know how to use their mentor’s a valuable piece of time. So lead yourself by examples.

Conclusion Having a great idea will be the first step of successful people, but how to kick a start will make you succeed. From a diverse team of financial expertise, from the market knowledge to profit-and-loss law, from investment to selling. Every aspect counts as a business savior. An inspirational story: Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy, three friends from college, were trying out their entrepreneurial skills. During a casual chat, Reggie said,
“I wish these photos I am sending this girl would disappear.”
Soon after, Evan got a million dollar ideas. They worked together on the app and launched in the name of Pica-boo. Later named as snap chat

Global Risks Landscape 2019


The global risk landscape is emerging as major tension between the world which can highly affect global growth in a depressive manner. First, we should come to know what is meant by the global risk landscape?

The global risk landscape is referred as the unpleasant events of land that can hinder the development of business enterprise and civil society. Day by day global risks are emerging as an alarming situation in most of the sectors, as they need a great deal of attention in order to avoid them.

However, Global risks have various threats respecting to technological, geopolitical, economical and societal environment in 2019 over a ten year.

Let’s discuss the risks of the global landscape to the concerning aspects of the world:

Technical Issues :

According to the survey, it is said that technological industries are likely to be effected regarding cyber- related issues. The global risk report reveals that data or money fraud will be increased by 82%, whereas theft of personal identity and business secrecy will effect by 64%. Respondents also added that fake news and wrong information can also emerge through social media in 2019. However, there are high chances of technology risks which will hit technological businesses with unexpected challenges and disruptions due to the global risk landscape in 2019.

Geopolitical Issues:

Most of the respondents have seemed to be worried about major geopolitical issues which are likely to be raised by global risk landscape. It is believed that there are high chances of tension between international countries in terms of the economy, whereas political issues are also supposed to emerge between leading countries. Global weapon of mass destruction (WMD) is at high risk in 2019 because trading matters and loss of assurance can be risen by 90% among major powers with respect to global risk report 2019.

Economic Issues:  

By the increasing amount of global risks, Geo-economic is also in great hazards because the time is just around the corner when confrontations occurred between international countries by 91%. According to the Global Risk Report 2019, the world is going to meet difficult challenges by means of political failure, international finance and financial crime. Therefore, global risks can trigger world economic in a devastated way through which global growth will be extremely effected.

Societal Issues: 

Last but not least, global risks are also going to hit significant issues of society in which weather conditions and natural disasters are on the top of the list. Global risks are going to be negatively impacted on society within the next ten years in terms of environmental issues and natural deaths. According to the respondents, air pollution will be increased by 52%, water crisis by 58%, currency crisis by 35%, terrorism by 50% and natural disaster by 62%. 

It is also expected that regional environmental policies can fail cleanly as well as business industries will also be weakened due to extreme weather and climate change conditions. 

Call To Action:  

It is mandatory to organize risk management strategies and programs in order to meet with the global risk challenges. There is a full need to to bring change in political and economic environment with the help of new laws and attitudes to meet with the expecting global risks. 

9 Entrepreneurs Hack To Launch Successful Start ups

"Business model canvas"
A Secret Hack To Launch Successful Start-up

Entrepreneurs considers BMC as an essential part in launching their businesses which can make them understand more about business strategies in a very clear and direct manner. A business model canvas which refers as (BMC) is a structured and systematical tool to create and provide a quick review about the business and its working. BMC is a one piece paper document to bring out strategic management through which you can visualize and figure out a whole business cycle for the better customer development.

How To Use BMC:

BMC is a visual template which fills with the valuable business components to get the clear picture of business plan and to analyze how to make profits. BMC is set to modify according to the following nine key parts of the canvas.

Key Parts Of BMC

BMC works as a strategic tool which are widely used these days before the evolution of any new business organization. BMC is an innovative design which is beneficial to enhance and improve the working of any active company, which have been trying to pursue their goals.

Key Partners:

The partnership is one of the major aspect of any business which produce a great help in growing any business. A company needs a healthy relationship between supplier and buyer business in order to bring core value to a business or organization.

Value Propositions:

Any business needs to provide satisfaction and good quality services to its customers in order to make valuable name in the market. Value propositions are set to be in terms of cost, quantity, usability and other aspects of the products to meet with the customers needs and demands.


Channels are most crucial facet of any business plan which can help you to target customers easily. Channels are used to provide your value propositions to customers in an effective manner. It is necessary to choose cost-effective channels which can catch customers’ attention and to deliver business propositions wisely. SEO, SEM, blogs, social media platforms, email marketing and several other channels can be used to promote your business. 

Customer Segments:

Customer segments are distinguished as to determining your customers by dividing them according to their needs and demands. Customer segments serve according to the characteristics of different customers so that different value propositions can be given to them consequently.

Key Activities:

Key activities are always needed when you are going to deliver value propositions. It is to understand which key activities and resources are important to use in order to produce effective propositions.

Key Resources:

Key resources emerge as a supportive aspect of any start-up business model as they are beneficial to boost your business. Key resources which are more your business assets such as a financial resource, electronic items, office staff and others can enhance your business activities by providing valuable propositions.

Revenue Stream:

The revenue stream is the name that how a company is making their revenues through different customers. A company can only gain financial profits by proving their customers value propositions as well as to provide them best solution to their problems.

Cost Structure:

The cost structure is the determining of how your business is working according to cost, which key resources and key activities are providing benefits and profits with respect to cost structure.

Customer Relationships:

The entrepreneur must ensure good relationships with customers by using different platforms to interact. It is mandatory to determine how you would create interaction with your customer segments. You would interact through different channels or can use social platforms.

Importance And Advantages Of BMC:

BMC is such a helpful business document which gives a proper understanding of business ideas and concepts as it enfolds all aspects of a business. Business Model canvas emerges as a map which lead you in a thriving direction by making process of your business and ideas.



BMC is a to-do list which can help any entrepreneur to find out what things to do to bring customer value, how to remain competitive in the market, what can he do to solve its customer’ difficulties, how to handle business revenues and to focus on business continuity in a successful manner . However, entrepreneurs can give better visualization, understanding and can aware of his business goals his teammates through BMC.


Who Proposed BMC:

           Business Model Canvas was proposed by Alexander Osterwalder who was a successful entrepreneur and known for his commands in business modeling. He proposed BMC in the year 2009 in his publication Business Model Ontology. His popular book “Business Model Generation” contains structured detail regarding business model canvas.

5 Tips That Can Instantly Grow Your Career!

5 actions which can grow your career instantly


The first step is knowing about your interests and ability, what’s important to you, and what can keep you engaged. Because it’s important that you are confident in your decision. Once you get to know what makes you satisfy, choose your career.

Compare your options:

If you have over one choice, compare them. And match them with your skills, personality, ability, and knowledge. If one option gets matched with your criteria, go with that. You can try over one option if you are an early bird.

Find a Mentor:

As mentioned earlier, chipkoo can be your savior in making informed career decisions, you can always connect with us and can get help through our mentoring process and programs.


For college students, nothing is better than internships and volunteering because there you have deep learning and get to know how things get done. In this phase, you can have explorations about different careers in a short time. Internships or volunteering can lead to jobs and careers.

Take Action:

After selecting best career in industry, try to grab more opportunities to grow in your career. And gain some valuable experience; It can give you an insight into your career.

How to thrive in the era of Automation


We define automation as “the technique of making an apparatus, a process, or a system operate automatically.” As there are many merits of automation, it not without its demerits.

Automation Impact On Employment

Although, the main mission of automation is to make people’s life easier. Automation performs the manufacturing process with greater control and consistency of product quality than human workers. It reduces the number of hours worked on average per week by factory workers. It is also making people’s life a bit hard by taking over millions of jobs. A number of jobs will be destroyed and the workers whose job has been taken over by a machine undergoes a period of emotional stress.

How To Survive In Automation World?

As the jobs will be destroyed because of automation meanwhile a number of jobs will be created. The question that arises for people who are at the beginning of their career is; how will human create value in this increasingly automated world? Not to worry-Chipkoo has come up with TEN future trending skills to survive in automation world.

Skills to survive in the automated world

  • The skill to see the relationships between industries and craft solutions to the problem.
  • The skill of converting data into meaningful interpretations.
  • The skill of thinking out of the box which cannot be followed by AI (Artificial Intelligence).
  • People management skills because robots don’t possess managerial and leadership skills.
  • Communication skills and team collaboration skills will be top demands.

Skills to survive in the automated world

  • Emotional intelligence is also important for hiring managers for the future.
  • Skills of data analyst should be also in consideration.
  • Service orientation will be in demand to work on offering values to clients.
  • Skills of negotiation will always be needed to create a win-win situation.
  • And last but not the least Cognitive flexibility is vital to accommodate the challenge at hand

If you have good command on these 10 skills, then consider yourself alive in the future. If we predict future then along with these skills we should know the most in-demand job in the upcoming years

Ten Most IN-DEMAND Jobs In Future:

Analysts, Medical technicians, Veterinarians, Instructors, Sales and Marketing, Management, Software developers and Programmers, Designers, CSR (customer service representative), Auditors and Accounting


These are some jobs in which we can peruse our career and can grow because in these fields company cannot completely rely on robots they need human interference to make their work done effectively and accurately. Now we know the skills and the places where we can select our future career, where we can use our skills more effectively and learn new things. To make a successful career in this time of change, these were some important point we need to keep in consideration.
Time and Tide wait for no one: Redefine ‘your’ new normal!

COVID-19 is one of the most difficult tests faced by humanity during the current times. We haven’t seen anything like COVID-19 and its speedy impact. Half a billion people could be pushed into poverty as a result of the unfolding crisis. The Global economy also faces its worst downturn since the Great Depression. Most countries are heading for very sudden and significant recessions. Worldwide unemployment is expected to rise to its highest level in more than 50 years.

The pandemic has taken precious lives, stimulated anxiety and most importantly reshaped normal life concepts. We all are in various levels of quarantine which helps to rejuvenate our memories around what normal is and what will be the new, next or better normal.

Regardless of any form of ‘normal’ we need to constructively think about the future. When we enter the post-pandemic period, the business and economic context will not be able to return to its pre-crisis state. The result will be an environment that will be rich in possibilities for those who are prepared and can evolve.

It will be the new normal to be as good as based on the skills we possess. But which capabilities are they, and how can we make sure we keep pace? As a mentor, I always advise mentees to perform self-audit to understand what skills we possess. It also allows identifying strengths and weaknesses, which can help them to navigate the acquisition of required skills. Here are three key skills to consider to be the winners in the new normal;


Organizations demonstrated outstanding agility by changing business models throughout the pandemic. We, as individuals, need to follow the same model by adjusting quickly when things are not working as planned. Being an agile means anticipating what’s ahead, monitoring trends, and moving forward. We need to respond to change with action and movement in a long term. We look for energetic, quick and sharp as key characteristics of an agile mind-set.

This is the dire expectation of the time to make smart and effective decisions in a rapidly changing world to master disruption by being agile. This is the time to embrace failure as the most effective path to agility; fail fast, learn faster at a higher risk.


Scalability is at the heart of the journey for sustainable career growth. It describes uniform behaviours, expectations and our capabilities to adapt and perform well under an increased workload based on the industry demands. Automation technologies has blessed us by making it easier to acquire knowledge and education to scale up in the era of information technology.

The combination of horizontal scaling and agile capabilities can redefine what success looks like in the short and medium-term.


Coronavirus outbreak is an influential turning point in automation. It has accelerated the automation that was already occurring before pandemic. According to market research, 60% of all jobs could see more than 30% of their key tasks automated; affecting 400m to 800m jobs around the world by 2030.

For me the problem is not that Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Robots are coming or they will take all the jobs. We have key questions to answer. Given our existing skill sets, will we be qualified to get the jobs that will be there in coming years? As automation will change nature of work, most of us may need to switch occupations and acquire new skills with respect to digital transformation. It is the key if we want to remain marketable.

We also require critical-thinking, problem-solving and decision-making capabilities to be successful while the global economy is in nosedive and crisis is catalysing contagion effects.

We, professionals, can utilise this critical time to pay back to the community by mentoring new generation and communities who are dealing with the impact of covid-19 pandemic by inspiring, passing on knowledge and guiding especially who are at the start of their career.

The future of work looks to be a wild ride. This crisis is expecting us to ‘relearn’ how to be uncertain and take risks. We need to seize the opportunity to grow and change by integrating new attitudes, agility, scalability and automation capabilities into our work ethics and DNA.

This moment in history redefines our faith that ‘Time and Tide waits for no man one!’

Your Success Guide For 2020

It's time to Build your niche

There’s nothing wrong with a little introspection. Take some quiet time to assess where you are in your life and career. So, get started today.



However, starting the year strong is easier said than done. If you’re not sure where to begin, we’ve got your back.


Learn About How to build strong:

  • branding
  • Customer Centricity
  • SEO, Videos and Strategies
  • Social Media Madness
  • Web and Mobile Designs
  • Templates
  • Logo Designing Techniques
  • 2020 Designing Trends
  • Motion Design
  • SEM
  • Marketing Strategies and Much More….
Internet Of Things Future for intelligent society and industry | Mini Guide |

How It Works? | Future | Business | Challanges | IoT Stats |

What Is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. The IoT allows you to automate and control the tasks that are done daily.

How Does It Work?

The Internet of Things is an added layer of data, interface, transaction, and action which is added to the Internet. It can be your portable devices, electrical appliances, security systems, automobiles, smart devices, and sensors.

Future Business of IoT:

The future of the IoT industry is getting larger day by day. The business insider revealed that almost 24 billion IoT devices are set to be installed by the year 2020. In 2019, IoT revenue has reached 357,000,000,000 while bringing several employment opportunities in the field of Information technology (IT).

Major Components of IoT:

Cloud computing convenience:

IoT cloud offers tools to collect, process, manage, and store huge amounts of data in real-time. Cloud is a sophisticated high-performance network of servers optimized to perform high-speed data processing of billions of devices, traffic management, and deliver accurate analytic.

Software designed networking:

SDN is an approach to networking that enables network nodes to be managed through programming, rather than traditional system administration methods. SDN needed when networks grow too big for manual configuration


smart sensors are used to extract data from the environment and transmit the information to the next layer. Smart devices and sensors can be connected to low power wireless networks like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. An object can be a simple sensor that measures the atmosphere temperature; the weight etc. common sensors are Temperature sensors and bimetallic strip, pressure sensors. It must be able to connect to the network and send the measured data.

Challenges of IoT:


The sensors can be connected to the cloud through various mediums of communication and transports such as cellular networks, satellite networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wide-area networks (WAN), low power wide area network and many more.

IoT Gateway:

  • A gateway is an object that connects several devices to the cloud.
  • These devices can be placed in different areas and instead of connecting directly to the cloud they use a gateway to connect to it.
  • A gateway can provide protocol translation feature, for example, a gateway connects to the devices using a low power protocol

Security and Privacy

Security: Lack of security increases the risk of your information leaking while the data is collected and transmitted to the IoT device. IoT security is the technology zone concerned with protection-connected devices and network in the internet of things (IoT)

Privacy: Internet of Things privacy is the superior considerations compulsory to protect the data of individuals from exposure in the IoT environment.

  • Authentication, Identification, and device heterogeneity are major security and privacy concerns in IoT.
  • There are a lot of Security and Privacy Issues with the Internet of Things devices, including increased risk of cyber and ransomware attacks.

User Interface:

User interfaces are the visible, tangible part of the IoT system which can be accessed by users. The user interface design has higher significance in today’s competitive market, it often determines the user whether to choose a particular device or appliance.

IoT Protocol: There are several IoT protocols available. Even if we can use protocols like HTTP, there are others much more effective and appropriate in the IoT ecosystem.

Data Processing: Once the data is collected and it gets to the cloud, the software performs processing on the acquired data.


IOT Communications | Smart House | Intelligent Building |

IoT Communications:

Most IoT devices communicate through either Bluetooth, WiFi, LoRaWAN, SIGfox, or cellular connection.

  • Emerging IoT Technologies:
  • IoT Security
  • IoT Analytics
  • IoT Device (Thing) Management
  • Low-Power, Short-Range IoT Networks
  • Low-Power, Wide-Area Networks
  • IoT Processors
  • IoT Operating Systems
  • Event Stream Processing
  • IoT Platforms
  • IoT Standards and Ecosystems

IoT Smart House:

Smart Home is the term commonly used to define a residence that has appliances, lighting, heating, air conditioning, TVs, computers, entertainment audio & video systems, security and camera systems capable of communicating with one another and can be controlled remotely by a schedule, from any room in the home, as well as remotely from any location in the world by phone or internet.

Intelligent Buildings:

a smart building is one that is using technology to share information about what goes on in the building between systems to optimize the building’s performance. Intelligent Buildings Institute defines an intelligent building as “one which provides a productive and cost-effective environment.


  • The IoT Devices Market Anticipated to Reach $1.1 trillion by 2026.
  • Global IoT Healthcare Market to Reach $14 billion by 2024
  • 25 billion IoT devices by 2021.
  • 5 billion cellular IoT connections.
  • The global number of Connected Devices are17Billion
  • $15 trillion – the total investment that companies would make in the IoT market by 2025.
  • $4.8 billion – the forecast size of global IoT in the Education market in 2018.
  • 75% of new cars will include a built-in IoT connectivity by 2020.
  • There were 26.66 billion of active IoT devices in 2019
  • By 2020, 90% of Automobiles Will Be Connected to the Internet
  • there will be 41.6 billion connected IoT devices, or “things,” generating 79.4 zettabytes (ZB) of data in 2025$170 billion to $560 billion – The projected growth of the IoT market from 2017 to 2022.
  • $15 trillion – the total investment that companies would make in the IoT market by 2025.
  • The Total Economic Impact of IoT Could Range Between $4 and $11 Trillion per Year by 2025
  • Over 80 Percent of Industrial Manufacturing Companies Are Using or Planning to Use IoT Devices
  • By 2021, 80 Percent of Retailers Will Be Using IoT to Customize Store Visits

IOT IN FUTURE: All gadgets in the future will be able to talk to other

Personal Exploration Challenge

Let's Explore Ourselves In This Quarantine....


Our tasks are to have our minds opened to different horizons and unleash our hidden potentials, to get an understanding of what we humans are capable of and to bring about the best version of us in every field of work or leisure. Tapping on different emotions of ours and Noticing our mannerisms in certain situations and what causes the effect to move towards the effect. Getting an insight on ranges of intelligence and their components.

Action Plan:

After tapping on different emotions of ours, trying to find peace within that mental state. Making use of the information provided through the relevant source to manage the given knowledge onto ourselves and others around us. Keeping track of the changes in our behaviors and reflecting on what else is there to fix. Consistently motivating our-self through mastering in our field of choice, looking upon our heroes for the right guidance, and reacting wisely in given circumstances.


Trying to fulfill all our needs according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs up to self-actualizing, implementing strategies to boosting our self-esteem by offering ourselves rewards now and then. Reminding ourselves what our positive traits are, having a company of people that pass on good vibes. Accepting our flaws and try to change that according to the morals of our society and what’s culturally acceptable.

Share your experiences through your videos and we will publish your creative videos on our Facebook Page  🙂 

A Brief Intro Of Science, Technology, Engineering And Mathematics (STEM) Importance in Modern World!

Importance Of Stem Subjects And How It Can Benefit Students In Their Career

Today in the hard-hitting era of technology, STEM education has wrapped up as the most important and crucial aspect of this time. STEM has a vast number of successful career rates as STEM education helps in emerging innovative and high quality students. 

What is STEM Education?

STEM which abbreviates as (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is an integral part of learning which allows students to survive in this technological piece of standards. STEM education has basic four disciplinary subjects Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths which are mandatory to for every student to learn for better growth and development of the society.

Importance of STEM Education:

The importance of STEM education is getting hard to deny these days because there is no field where STEM education is not mandatory. It has found in the survey that STEM degree holders have a higher rate of successful career as compared to non-STEM degree holders. 

STEM students have been playing an eminent part in the evolution and growth of the economy in a fly high manner around the globe. However, STEM education is a key to get all the eyeballs in the professional field as it is a streamlined approach to meet with today different challenges and concepts of the high- tech emerging world.

Advantages of STEM education:

 STEM education serves great advantages for all the emerging students as STEM subjects have an ability to meet students with valuable skills and creativity. Today, every educational sector is striving hard to propose a great deal of STEM education programs in order to boost creativity and innovative mindsets.

How STEM Help Students Intellectually:

STEM teaching is attaining high attention and collaboration from every sector through which students can bring closer to explore new intellectual opportunities for the best development of the world. Here are several advantages of getting STEM education:

  • Encourage students to think out of the box
  • Boost self confidence
  • Improve communication skills
  • Intellectual
  • Enhance decision making ability
  • Promotes leadership quality
  • Bring closer to meet with different experimentation

How STEM Help Students Intellectually?

  • Helps to find out new technologies
  • Promotes critical thinking
  • Allows to go through different scenarios
  • Make students updated and informative
  • Alter ideas into inventions
  • Support varied interests
  • Helps in problem solving
  • Encourages to challenge real-world issues
  • Make able students to get a higher income job

Why to Pursue Career in STEM Fields?

Career is the most essential facet of any student’s life which needs to get right direction and guidance with respect to the future prospective. Students always find difficulty while selecting their career field as there is a high need to understand which field has a successful meaning and high in demand.

Pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics is always worthy as STEM fields are expanding day by day due to which STEM graduates are high in demand. Every organization is looking forward to fill their STEM position jobs and is ready to pay attractive salaries, according to the respected position.

STEM Benefits:

STEM majors provide intrinsic benefits and opportunities which lead towards satisfying and successful career. STEM fields have a variety of job availability all across the world as well as they are also considered as high paying jobs. Stem graduated students should have a look on these reasons for considering a career in STEM majors.

  • Satisfactory job
  • Competitive salary packages
  • High number of job availability
  • Adds value to career
  • No restriction of gender
  • Multiple career paths
  • Lasting impact on your personality
  • Opportunities to learn about new technologies
  • High in demand
  • Allow to deal with critical challenges

List of Best Stem Career for Students:

  • Cyber security expert
  • Software engineer
  • Systems architect
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Biomedical engineer
  • Computer support specialist
  • Financial analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Actuary
  • Statistician
  • Doctor

Call to Action:

As we have embarked in the most challenging and full of technology world, there is no option, despite of making STEM education more mandatory to gain for every student. It is the peak time to improve Stem education in a valuable manner by bringing incredible strategies for the best approach. 

All the educational organizations need to drive meaningful campaigns and programs in order to encourage students to pursue education in STEM fields by developing their interests. 

Similarly, educational departments should also make investments for the improvement of STEM teaching and for active learning. STEM subjects should be taken more considerably from the very first grade till higher education to increase and develop higher-order skills of student.


How Does ‘Goals, Reality, Obstacles, Will’ (GROW) Model Works?

The greatest mentors are those who have strong instincts, who can sense where the conversation is leading to and know what we should ask at that moment. For this process, they design a specific structure, a tool to offer mentors that is “GROW MODEL” 

The Grow model is a structure of conversation and discussion that helps to simplify, what is it we want help to get there and to get the motivation to take the first step. It comprises four elements: The Goal, Reality, Opportunities, Will.

The method highlights the goal; what you want to achieve, what aim you have in your mind regarding yourself. What’s your reality? And where are you standing? The third element ‘O’ has two meanings, options and obstacles, what problems you are facing and what opportunities you can catch.  In the last step, you establish a will to go into the field. 


A professional mentors should recognize the goal/aim of their mentee; he/she should know what is behind that goal and what their mentee wants? Where does the mentee see himself in the next few years? The connection between mentor mentee should be strong enough through which they can come up with good relationship building skills.


This element is all about understanding the present circumstances of their mentee, looking out what has worked so far, what is going in their mentee’s life. Observe the thing that is holding their mentee to become successful. Where your mentee is standing in his life and what career should he choose.


The third step is about getting the break in their respective fields. That’s a brainstorming phase where you need to encourage the mentee that how to discover strategies to get to that specific goal. And encourage them to catch as much as the opportunities they get through career help.

 ‘O’ is also taken as obstacles, a mentor should know what difficulties does his mentee is facing, how he is coming up with his problems and glitches. A mentor should tackle his mentee’s problems with the help of different online/offline mentoring programs.


And the last step is all about selecting the precise step, a mentor should guide the mentee about giving their best, one should have enough passion and will to give a start. To overcome the obstacles and jump on the first opportunity you get.


This is what a grow model is all about; It helps both mentor and mentee. It’s a complete conversational model process between mentor and mentee. A mentee or a learner can use this process by themselves. You just have to take out an ample time and just follow the stages. Find a mentor, think about yourselves, which career should you choose, and where do you see yourself in the next ten years. Get inspiration from successful people, follow their high effective habits, share, grow model with your friends, etc. You guys will feel the difference in your personality.