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According to professional  bodies; Internships are traditionally core components of practical learning in the businesses to gain transferable skills, experience and knowledge in a working environment. It provides the combination of institutional learning and practical work experience in the desired field.

● Attain soft skills that are highly in demand due to the current paradigm shift.
● Efficient training to help them adjust within the market trends.
● Particularly useful for up-skilling or reskilling.
● Increases the likelihood of finding employment along with effective earnings.
● Highly potential to facilitate professional networking and referrals for opportunities.
● Successful mentoring and job coaching with current trends.
● Internship offers students a rich blend of business, interpersonal and technical skills.

The successful internship gave you a unique opportunity to learn about the roles and responsibilities of your desired field. Internships have also been linked to increased ambition and higher job satisfaction and more stability. Internships enhance the employability of young professionals and lead to higher earnings. Also it’s proven that majority employers preferred to hire interns rather than non-interns.


Micro internship is usually a short-term period of work placement aimed at providing you with professional skills and experience in the shorter duration. It can give you the opportunity to gain transferable skills, experience and knowledge in a working environment. They can provide short-term opportunities for networking and exploring a sector more widely, boosting your CV and improving your chances of getting the job that you really want. It also bridges the gap between academic principles and practical job demands. Interns can evaluate themselves ‘on the job’ for a set period of time or for a specific project and are also able to access new skills and opportunities in a cost effective manner.

What the Micro-Internship entails: OR What’s Included in Our Micro Internship Programme

These Live Projects provide high quality work experience to the interns through which they can
gain professional skills and an understanding of a profession by undertaking work of value for
an employer, enhancing their future employability and interpersonal skills. Project themes are
set by the employer and relate to real business needs, enabling genuine benefit and insight to
be gained by the organization, while boosting the intern’s employability.

From the start, the intern will be in the supervision of our admin support team as well as in the
supervision of Host Company’s line manager. He will be thoroughly guided towards practical
details of internship, responsibilities and tasks, intern rights, learning goals, orientation and
onboarding along with all the necessary documents to get that intern started. Timely feedback,
Gallup strength Assessments and Performance Evaluation would be perform in order to track
their progress. Throughout the internship, he will be given 24/7 support from Chipkoo team.

The Internship Skills framework heavily draws on the work of 60+ Professional bodies i.e.,
NACE, CIPD, Department for Business Innovation and Skills (U.K.), Department for Education
(U.K.), PRCA, InternQube, British Council Prospects (U.K.), World Economic Forum (WEF), The
European Digital Competence etc. The Intern will receive the mentoring with the alignment of
the 60+ professional bodies’ skills framework. By receiving mentoring and tasks aligned with
these employability skills, the intern would boost its employability to an exponential.

In order to assist you in finding your dream job, we have carefully analyzed market demands to
determine how modifications in one’s CV and LinkedIn profile can increase the prospect of one
being called for an interview as per the perspective of global companies and renowned
recruiters. Our experts will rewrite your profile and prepare you for job interviews.

The Intern will be provided with all the necessary work experience documents, certifications
from provider and Host Company. Along with LinkedIn recommendation and reference letter.