How to thrive in the era of Automation

How to thrive in the era of Automation








We define automation as “the technique of making an apparatus, a process, or a system operate automatically.” As there are many merits of automation, it not without its demerits. Video right

Automation Impact On Employment

Although, the main mission of automation is to make people’s life easier. Automation performs the manufacturing process with greater control and consistency of product quality than human workers. It reduces the number of hours worked on average per week by factory workers. It is also making people’s life a bit hard by taking over millions of jobs. A number of jobs will be destroyed and the workers whose job has been taken over by a machine undergoes a period of emotional stress. 

How To Survive In Automation World?

As the jobs will be destroyed because of automation meanwhile a number of jobs will be created. The question that arises for people who are at the beginning of their career is; how will human create value in this increasingly automated world? Not to worry-Chipkoo has come up with TEN future trending skills to survive in automation world.

Skills to survive in the automated world

  • The skill to see the relationships between industries and craft solutions to the problem.
  • The skill of converting data into meaningful interpretations.
  • The skill of thinking out of the box which cannot be followed by AI (Artificial Intelligence).
  • People management skills because robots don’t possess managerial and leadership skills.
  • Communication skills and team collaboration skills will be top demands. Pic right

Skills to survive in the automated world

  • Emotional intelligence is also important for hiring managers for the future.
  • Skills of data analyst should be also in consideration.
  • Service orientation will be in demand to work on offering values to clients.
  • Skills of negotiation will always be needed to create a win-win situation.
  • And last but not the least Cognitive flexibility is vital to accommodate the challenge at hand

If you have good command on these 10 skills, then consider yourself alive in the future. If we predict future then along with these skills we should know the most in-demand job in the upcoming years pic left

Ten Most IN-DEMAND Jobs In Future:

Analysts, Medical technicians, Veterinarians, Instructors, Sales and Marketing, Management, Software developers and Programmers, Designers, CSR (customer service representative), Auditors and Accounting 


These are some jobs in which we can peruse our career and can grow because in these fields company cannot completely rely on robots they need human interference to make their work done effectively and accurately. Now we know the skills and the places where we can select our future career, where we can use our skills more effectively and learn new things. To make a successful career in this time of change, these were some important point we need to keep in consideration.

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