How Does ‘Goals, Reality, Obstacles, Will’ (GROW) Model Works?

How Does ‘Goals, Reality, Obstacles, Will’ (GROW) Model Works?

The greatest mentors are those who have strong instincts, who can sense where the conversation is leading to and know what we should ask at that moment. For this process, they design a specific structure, a tool to offer mentors that are “GROW MODEL” 

The Grow model is a structure of conversation and discussion that helps to simplify, what is it we want help to get there and to get the motivation to take the first step. It comprises four elements: The Goal, Reality, Opportunities, Will.

The method highlights the goal; what you want to achieve, what aim you have in your mind regarding yourself. What’s your reality? And where are you standing? The third element ‘O’ has two meanings, options and obstacles, what problems you are facing and what opportunities you can catch.  In the last step, you establish a will to go into the field. 


A professional mentors should recognize the goal/aim of their mentee; he/she should know what is behind that goal and what their mentee wants? Where does the mentee see himself in the next few years? The connection between mentor mentee should be strong enough through which they can come up with good relationship building skills.


This element is all about understanding the present circumstances of their mentee, looking out what has worked so far, what is going in their mentee’s life. Observe the thing that is holding their mentee to become successful. Where your mentee is standing in his life and what career should he choose. 


The third step is about getting the break in their respective fields. That’s a brainstorming phase where you need to encourage the mentee that how to discover strategies to get to that specific goal. And encourage them to catch as much as the opportunities they get through career help.

 ‘O’ is also taken as obstacles, a mentor should know what difficulties does his mentee is facing, how he is coming up with his problems and glitches. A mentor should tackle his mentee’s problems with the help of different online/offline mentoring programs.


And the last step is all about selecting the precise step, a mentor should guide the mentee about giving their best, one should have enough passion and will to give a start. To overcome the obstacles and jump on the first opportunity you get.


This is what a grow model is all about; It helps both mentor and mentee. It’s a complete conversational model process between mentor and mentee. A mentee or a learner can use this process by themselves. You just have to take out an ample time and just follow the stages. Find a mentor, think about yourselves, which career should you choose, and where do you see yourself in the next ten years. Get inspiration from successful people, follow their high effective habits, share, grow model with your friends, etc. You guys will feel the difference in your personality.

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