Grow Professionally, Conveniently

Grow Professionally, Conveniently

Have you felt like you haven’t been doing anything productive since the first lockdown? Has the lack of motivation gotten to you and you have been slacking off, (im)patiently waiting for the pandemic to end? 

Well, if that’s the case, don’t be surprised because nearly all of us are in the same boat right now. 

However, if, like me, you are currently in the final year of your high school or your undergraduate degree programs, you might be considering doing an internship or two in the area that you want to pursue once you graduate. However, I am sure you must have told yourself that there’s nothing you can do about it because of the lockdown, and kept on procrastinating over it, and telling yourself that you would worry about it once the lockdown is lifted.

What if I tell you there’s a way to salvage your final year – a way to redeem all these months of wasted time?

Yeah, you heard that right, there’s a way to get actual working experience to develop your skills, even during the lockdown: online internships. 

With the entire world undergoing a paradigm shift towards digital solutions for everyday tasks, the corporate sector was one of the first to adapt to the “new normal”. With most people working from home now, companies have realized that they don’t need people to be gathered in a physical office for their operations to keep on running. Likewise, would it be too farfetched to state that internships don’t need to take place physically as well? Guess what, it’s not. 

Online internships are becoming a rapidly growing trend now, with more and more companies hiring online interns every day. One of the pioneers for these virtual internships was the Global Virtual Internship Program (Global VIP) of Chipkoo Labs.

With over 16 weeks of fun-filled learning from the best-of-the-best in the industry, Chipkoo’s Global VIP trained interns from all parts of the world in various areas, and conncted them directly to the industry, allowing them to work on real-life projects to get a taste of what it’s like out there. Global VIP also hosted virtual job fairs and the fact that their 7 out the 15 interns of their first batch have already received multiple job/internships offers is only testament to how incredible this VIP really is. 

Chipkoo now has over 1500 applicants in the pipleline, and with the next batch of VIP set to start somewhere in the first quarter of 2021, you have got very little time left to apply – trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this.
So, what are you waiting for? Head over to this link to find out more!

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