Global Certified Virtual Internship Program - GCVIP

Chipkoo Labs is offering Global certified virtual internship programme to students and learners. These internships enable Career Launchers to demonstrate skills, explore career paths, and build their networks as they seek the right full-time role.

Global Virtual Internship Program for students and professionals. Opportunities for jobs

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it’s a paradox: You can’t get a job without experience, but you can’t get experience without a job. The gap between being employable and being employed has challenged entry-level workers for decades, whether they’re top-tier college grads or high-schoolers.

Chipkoo Global Virtual Internships are taking students through those first steps in their career journey. This VIP enable work experiences grow skills, build resumes, extend networks and instill confidence.

We developed the virtual internship programme to address the needs of students, a space for open discourse. Apart from this, VIP global project provides a chance to show off skills and capabilities; for businesses, the internship gets much-needed work completed and “test drives” a potential hire.

Learn Remote Working Skills

Expand Your Network Globally

Get Global Work Experience

Handle Team Projects

Why To Join GCVIP ?

We surfaced data of over 660+ million professionals and 20+ million jobs to cover the most in-demand skills of 2020.

Chipkoo virtual internships offer tangible experience that students can highlight on their resumes, solving the “no experience” problem. Students are building networks, confidence and industry knowledge as well through VIP. Some students don’t have connections to land that first job or interview. Chipkoo virtual internships can facilitate those connections, and, with projects under their belt, students are likely to be more confident in their skills and competencies. And they get a broader idea of possible jobs across industries and fields.

On Ground Work with Employees

Corporate Tools and Resources

On call corporate meetings

Corporate Environment

How Does It Work?

Chipkoo Internships are enabling students to prototype different careers as well as build mentoring relationships and professional networks they can maintain beyond the experience. The internship process comprises on: 

  • On call meetings with clients.
  • Team Workshops.
  • Global Job Fairs and Career Expo.
  • Business Tools and Workplace communication.
  • Gallup based Strength Assessments.
  • Monitoring Interns progression and performance.
  • Professional Documents preparations.
  • Professional profiles on GIG Economy Platforms.
  • Remote volunteering on global projects.
  • Team Presentations, Digital Solutions, Advanced Resources.
  • Personal and Professional Mentoring sessions.


Duration of VIP : 6-8 Weeks,
7-8 Hours Per Week

Eligible: Undergraduates, Post Graduates & professionals

Interns must be flexible with Time Zones (Pakistan, Middle East, U.K.)

Interns must clear Application Process For VIP

How Chipkoo Is Changing Lives!

Learn about in demand technical and interpersonal skills

Improve your personal development skills

Complete support and supervision from industry expert mentors

Get to know about forefront corporate culture

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Chipkoo VIP allows internees to gain the professional knowledge, skills and exposure from industry experts they need. Apart from them, internees will be able to gain all other hard and soft skills that every global internship provides, comprising cross-cultural communication, problem-solving, collaboration, and field-specific knowledge.

This VIP gives an opportunity to improve your skills with the help of assigned meaningful, measurable tasks and projects with clear guidelines by our expert mentors. In order to track your working progress, you will have frequently scheduled one-on-one catch-up calls with an internship supervisor.  

This VIP encourages every intern to put this virtual internship on your resume; even we will help you to do it. Our VIP reflects and covers skills which value the most to the employers in the remote working era.

Hiring virtual employees has become normal after post Covid-19 as most of the international companies are looking for remote workers. Our VIP is partially based on those skills which will surely help you to gain new exposure on remote working. 

Credit is not available yet through Chipkoo Labs, but we’re happy to work with you to meet your university’s requirements to obtain credit if that option is available to you. You’ll work between 15-20 work hours per week during the 8-week internship session, for a total of 120-240 contact hours.

Once you will be qualified for VIP, you’ll be able to get pre-program orientation with our supervisor through online seminars. Seminar includes: 

Comprehensive Approach to the new norm: 4ps for a successful post Covid -19 transition 





Once you register yourself through our online application form, you’ll get our confirmation email then Chipkoo Team will set up an introduction interview with you after informing you via email . Chipkoo’s recruiter will get to know you better through an interview and learn more about your previous work experience and goals. 

  • Our VIP offers you to develop plenty of skills which will help you to be highly motivated and organized.
  • VIP will boost excellent resume skills, experience to get new opportunity
  • There is no travel required
  • Allow you to bring best networking / professional references
  • Familiarity with digital tools
  • Communicate and collaborate with professionals 

Yes for sure, Chipkoo Labs are always welcome to every learner and seeker who wants to polish their skills via guidance and mentoring. 

Chipkoo offers the most interactive activity you can experience in your surroundings. Our one mission is to enable Chipkoo learners from around the world to be able to interact in a compelling way. Learn international ethics of businesses, understand the job market and its dynamics.