Meaningful, collaborative, project-based work with clear guidelines is the theme within high-quality virtual internships. To ensure project guidelines are defined clearly, that you are making progress and that your projects are on track, you will have regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings/calls with your internship supervisor in the host organization. This will complement the regular, asynchronous communication through which remote work flourishes using channels such as Slack/Asana/Trello etc.

Compensation is offered at the discretion of the host organization/company. The vast majority are unpaid. We principally source opportunities that offer the best possible educational experience and this does not correlate with payment. If, however, a host organization offers a stipend/compensation, program participants are of course welcome to accept it.

The minimum age is 16+. There is no maximum age & we regularly welcome experienced career changers

An online/virtual or remote, internship is the same as a regular internship, except you carry out the work for the company remotely.

Some benefits of online internships are: 

∙ They open up internship opportunities to those who do not have the means to relocate. 

∙ They reduce commuting cost and allow you to find work with companies based on their suitability rather than location. 

∙ With working from home becoming the 'new normal' under lockdown restrictions, an online internship shows companies you are equipped to work remotely.

The success of a virtual international internship lies in the hands of the intern. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight your ability to manage your schedule and prioritize tasks. As a Chipkoo intern, you will learn how to effectively speak to future employers about what you've learned and the skills you've gained during your virtual global internship.

No, you do not need to be a current student to participate in Chipkoo Virtuoso. You must be 18 years or older and have some university coursework completed. The upper age limit is 30 years old, but exceptions are possible.

This can vary based on the agreed schedule with the employer, as well as your personal internship goals.

Partners who wish to continue may do so by informal arrangements.

The internship will last a minimum of 8 weeks. Internships can be extended at the discretion of the employer. Virtual internships will be a minimum of 25 hours per week and a maximum of 40 hours per week.

Virtual internships allow you to develop digital skills that are important in the 21st century. According to the Pew Research Center, internet literacy is an extremely important career skill, not only when it comes to building your resume but also when finding that all-important first job.

 ∙ Working remotely also teaches plenty of other skills that are just as important as internet literacy. Students completing internships online need to be highly motivated and organized. Without the constant supervision that an office setting provides, students must have the ability to manage their own time and complete assignments without constantly asking for assistance. 

∙ Virtual internships are an excellent resume booster in that they develop and demonstrate a diverse set of skills that are of high value to employers. 

∙ No travel required, so this saves costs and also reduces your carbon footprint. 

∙ You’ll make connections in major organizations and network. 

∙ You’ll build professional references from around the globe. 

∙ You’ll gain vital experience for your résumé and include experience that you can leverage to land your next opportunity. 

∙ You’ll learn how to communicate in a professional setting and gain extra skills. 

∙ You’ll enhance your familiarity with digital tools and tech-based work. 

∙ The virtual internship could lead to a full-time job after graduation.

As part of your internship, you will follow our online employability curriculum, which also includes 2 coaching calls during your internship with an assigned internship coach. The Midpoint Check-In is a formal conversation that will review your midpoint self-assessment, as well as asking some guiding questions designed to create a dynamic 1-on-1 discussion about your internship thus far and steps to take to make the second half a success while planning for the program end and next steps.

The Final Coaching Call is a longer conversation designed to look at your past experience with this internship to highlight skills gained, professional pathways, and best practices for future career management. At the end of the call, you will walk away with a Global Career Management Plan, noting key steps to take immediately and in the future in order to leverage this experience for future success.

At present about 50% of our candidates are offered positions after their virtual internship has ended. However, we are not an employment agency and finding employment with your host company is not the purpose of the program. You should see the program as a boost to your employability, rather than a guarantee that this particular company will take you on.

At present 100% of people finishing the program feel they are more employable than before they did the program. We also have plenty of anecdotes of individuals who have ace an interview by using great examples of their skills proven during their virtual internship. Please ask us if you’d like to hear some!

You will normally hear within 48 hours after the recording. Keep a look out for emails, and sometimes they go into spam. We will attempt to call or text you if we think our offer email may not have reached you.

We work with a whole range of companies. Many are exciting small and medium-sized enterprises, some are entrepreneurial startups and others are big, well-known companies. You can ask for example companies in your desired industry during or after your interview.

It will normally take us 4-6 weeks to onboard a host company and to prepare you for the internship. If your requirements are very specific it may take longer, and we will advise you of that. We encourage applications as early as possible.