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“Interoperability, within the context of European public service delivery, is the ability of disparate and diverse organizations to interact towards mutually beneficial and agreed common goals…


“Chipkoo Labs is working towards making top tier education available to its mentees and students from developing countries with the help of AI and AR. The use of AR and AI for mentoring sessions…


Join hands with Chipkoo and become a part of Global Network. Chipkoo is no doubt a most striking platform with lots of professional benefits. A forum for open discussion, critical analysis…

A good portfolio will get you an interview.
A good Mentoring will get you a job.

Most people still operate on outdated beliefs and ideas about what a career “should” be and how your life “should” look.
And it’s easy to get sucked into these beliefs and make mistakes that could cost you years of your life and thousands of dollars. Plan your career the right way with Chipkoo Expert Mentors for the future correspondence.

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An unconventional community initiative by Chipkoo to ensure our Mentee receives a hefty dose of success, personal and professional development. A platform to indulge yourself in productive life and engage in new trends. Organic, mentor-groomed candidates are ideal choice for different niche market jobs. Mentored candidates have become the newest trend for the third decade of the new century work place.