Chipkoo guides students through the best options and delivers optimal solutions for a fast track bright to a shining new career

For Educational Institutions

Prepare your students today for the jobs of tomorrow

Recent findings from the World Economic Forum (WEF) and other thinktanks have been consistently emphasizing the need for upskilling and reskilling for the future.

Help your learners stand out in the market place by equipping them with key employability skills that reach well beyond the regular educational curriculum.

Boost your learners’ employability

Chipkoo aims to make academic qualifications inclusive of key employability skills and practical corporate experience. 

We are planning close collaboration with universities to help bring about a dynamic strategic change for learners worldwide.

“We have to move towards a Society of Skills, placing lifelong learning, upskilling and reskilling at the core of people, businesses and government interests”, says Rehan Haque, the founder of Chipkoo Labs.

Chipkoo Labs offers a range of customizable solutions to provide your students with a learning experience that’s aligned with their career goals, effectively creating new directions for interns they were not previously aware of.

Welcome to the new playing field for young people to excel on in the new world of work.

Why Us?

  • An employability skills matrix encapsulating the best global frameworks - NACE, WEF etc

  • Led and run by industry experts and global mentors

  • Our programmes embody UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Courses offer hands-on corporate exposure
  • Global Internship In A Nutshell

    Generation Y & Z College Graduates

    94% of our graduates recommend our coaching and mentors

    54:46 gender ratio

    2500+ strong community 

    Applicants from 48+ countries

    100+ Alumni now working in highly satisfying careers

    Happy course grads are saying

    For me, Chipkoo Labs Global Virtual Certified Internship has been an Excellent and Rewarding Experience.’
    For me, Chipkoo Labs Global Virtual Certified Internship has been an Excellent and Rewarding Experience.’
    I worked here as an intern for around a month and it was amazing, everyone was welcoming and very helpful.
    ‘The platform has provided me with excellent one on one mentorship sessions and a great overall internship experience.’
    ‘This Internship program (GCVIP) is a completely new exposure to me that gave me invaluable knowledge to grow more.’
    ‘Chipkoo Labs Global Virtual Internship Program is worth every opportunity I had in my life.’
    ‘Thank You Chipkoo labs for providing mentorship such a great platform.’