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Digital Finance

Machines have the capacity to learn. Humans with real expertise train them. This combination may not be as revolutionary as other concepts on the table. Considering the current stagnation in technical evolution of financial institutions however, it is the one change sorely needed.

Training machines is an iterative process in which experts give algorithms feedback to help the machines get smarter. The deeper the functional expertise, the more fine-tuned the feedback becomes and the better the machine learns.

The judgments that go into making revenue recognition decisions, for example, aren’t strictly rules-based; it requires years of experience to make determinations, considering the timing of payments, knowledge of contracts, legal interpretations in different jurisdictions and other factors.

Those kinds of teams—accountants side by side with data scientists—are becoming more common. Finance organizations are adapting to this new staffing and teaming paradigm. Chipkoo is working actively to make the financial future integrated with AI to make it more accessible and decentralized for general global population.


Chipkoo is working towards making top tier education available to its mentees and students from developing countries with the help of AI and AR. The use of AR and AI for mentoring sessions, AR simulations for recruitment purposes and for experience e.g. a day at workplace of your choice will be a valuable addition for remote practical learning.

Data Security and Dispersal

Chipkoo aims in drafting a strategy that provides a holistic and comprehensive vision for the management of data across the whole Public Administration. This is in the context of the Public Administration being one of the pillars of the Digital Strategy together with the Citizen and the Business perspectives.

Chipkoo aims in helping businesses and organizations to position better in the context of Open Data and Big Data, in line with EU direction as part of the Digital Economy and the Digital Single Market while also ensuring that the correct and authorized sharing of other internal-use only data for the implementation of the Once-Only principle is also handled in an efficient and effective manner for the simplification of processes and reduction of bureaucracy.

National safety nets

This is a potential venture of Chipkoo that will work on a security net for disaster relief for third world and developing nations on the same principles as life insurance in possible collaboration with international regulatory and human relief organizations.

Open search platforms

Chipkoo Labs aims to make research and education accessible to all without the restrictions of memberships and paying accounts. The proposed open search platform will host research paper and theses with basis in AI and blockchain improvements and creative implementations and will be open to all.