As this year brings to a close, we are all glad that things are ending, with the hopes that 2021 would bring better fortune for us. 2020 took so many things from us socially, emotionally, and economically. However, with vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sinopharm, and others getting rapid approvals in different countries, it seems likely that COVID-19 would soon be history – but, with all the accelerated digital growth that took place this year, one can’t help asking if we are ever going back to the way to things were before this pandemic?


To answer that question, we need to look at the nearly-heroic tales of corporations around the world, that, in their bid to save the global economy from a complete collapse, shifted all of their proceedings online – a change that was not easy to digest, and even harder to make as efficacious as in-person order of business. One such tale is that of Chipkoo Labs

Chipkoo Labs was founded with a mission to promote equal opportunity and access to information for people all over the world; a mission that they were succeeding at. However, when the pandemic hit and lockdowns were imposed all over the world, like all other organizations, Chipkoo Lab also took a hit; the operations came to a halt, and the mentoring could not be carried out. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going. The brilliant minds at Chipkoo found an ingeniously simple solution to their problem: an online internship – the Chipkoo Global Virtual Internship Program (VIP). 


The Global VIP was a massive success. With just first marketing of the program, Chipkoo received over 1,500 candidates from all over the world, which is absolutely phenomenal. However, the team knew that they had now set the bar very high and meeting those expectations would be a big challenge. The commitment to quality, a drive for equal opportunity, and the passion to train young minds all allowed Chipkoo to persevere by bringing together the best mentors from around the globe. 


The Global VIP stretched for over two months during which the mentors not only transferred invaluable skills to the mentees, but also formed lifelong bonds and lasting memories – something that would be cherished by both the interns and the mentors. The interns also received hands-on training on various different projects in the industry, which allowed to them to get a taste of what it’s going to be like to have a job, and explore their likes and dislikes through various different tasks spread across an array of niches. 

While most companies are hoping to resume on-site work with the advent of mass vaccinations around the world, Chipkoo, being the unstoppable force that it has proven itself to be, is working in an entirely different direction. The trailblazing Global VIP was just the start, and its tremendous success proved that people are very eager to expand their skillset – a service that Chipkoo Labs is more than happy to offer. With Chipkoo Junior being the latest project to come out of the pipeline, Chipkoo is aiming to train children in the ever-more necessary computer programing, in their native languages; how cool is that! 


So, while for some this pandemic was undeniably something that froze them in time, Chipkoo Labs fought fire with fire and became a beacon of hope, equality, and sustainable development for youth all over the world.