Helping you power up your career prospects with professional placements and training

Perhaps you’re already had some further education. Or even gained some kind of experience in your chosen field. But maybe you’re lacking the skills to take that next step in the corporate world. Or you’re finding it difficult to get your foot in the door with those leading global employers.

Learning the skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow

Metatalent gives you the opportunity to shape your career with our range of training and placement opportunities that – thanks to the Metaverse – can happen within both virtual and in-person environments.

How do the programmes work?

Whether you want to brush up your CV and improve your interpersonal skills or find a work placement at a sought after global company, at Metatalent we have a range of programmes guaranteed to kick start your career.

What are the outcomes?

Completing a training or work placement programme boosts your chances of being hired by 60%. And more than 70% of work placement students are offered a full-time position with their host company.

Take charge of

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