Boris Johnson promises a new skills ‘revolution’ for England: Chipkoo, UK’s one of the leading Internship providers opening up sponsored Internships for students

Boris Johnson promises a new skills ‘revolution’ for England: Chipkoo, UK’s one of the leading Internship providers opening up sponsored Internships for students

The government has put out a new programme scheduled for next year which includes many new opportunities for both students and adults. All adults will be able to take out a flexible loan for any higher education and training and students are able to boost their employability by gaining new skills and preparing for the future.

These measures were first announced during the Queen’s speech, that being part of the State Opening of Parliament it was revealed to be a ‘Lifetime skills guarantee’ and stated that adults can use this loan at any point in their lives. Speaking on behalf of the Government, the Queen said it has been put into place for the UK to ‘level up’ and for there to be many more job opportunities and support employment regulation.

To no surprise the UK has faced a shortage of opportunities, even with the kickstart scheme in place, many students still face long-term youth unemployment. According to a recent article, Internship Experience UK will offer a three day virtual experience for all students which in total will aid them in starting their career. This includes gaining new skills fit for the changes post COVID, boost employability and build their network. Also giving the opportunity to make connections with over 50 world leading employers such Virgin Media, Vodafone and Alpha FMC.

A recent survey conducted by Bright Network shows that in a total of 15,000 students, 32% had applications cancelled or put on pause due to the pandemic. 24% of them are now applying at  least 16 different positions in order to secure a place in an internship or graduate programme. It’s fair to say that young people are amongst the hardest hit by the COVID19 global pandemic. As of August 2020, the number of British 16-24 year old’s claiming unemployment benefits stood at 537,700 (

Chipkoo Labs have been looking into this problem years prior to the pandemic. The platform guides youth with real-world skill sets, mapping opportunities in the new economy and digital transformation and industry expert mentors supervision to evolve the careers over the course of emerging professionals. Offering virtual internships that are directly focused on individual growth in the specific career. Reskilling has been tried in the past, such as when old industries like mining closed down. It worked for some people, but for many it was the wrong skills.A big problem is that skills must be practiced in a real context, so you have evidence of doing it in a particular work environment. That’s where internships can make a huge difference.

More than 100+ students have registered this month for our internship bootcamp. Securing an Internship via Chipkoo is a bridge to full time opportunities, skills building and recruitment schemes. Students gain a wide variety of skills and insights into the new normal. From being intentional in their job search to building the network, crafting their resume, applying most demanding skills, nailing the interview, getting global experiences, team collaborations and even landing a full time job in any part of the world.

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