9 Entrepreneurs Hack To Launch Successful Start ups

9 Entrepreneurs Hack To Launch Successful Start ups

“Business model canvas”
A Secret Hack To Launch Successful Start-up

Entrepreneurs considers BMC as an essential part in launching their businesses which can make them understand more about business strategies in a very clear and direct manner. A business model canvas which refers as (BMC) is a structured and systematical tool to create and provide a quick review about the business and its working. BMC is a one piece paper document to bring out strategic management through which you can visualize and figure out a whole business cycle for the better customer development.

How To Use BMC: 

BMC is a visual template which fills with the valuable business components to get the clear picture of business plan and to analyze how to make profits. BMC is set to modify according to the following nine key parts of the canvas.

Key Parts Of BMC 

BMC works as a strategic tool which are widely used these days before the evolution of any new business organization. BMC is an innovative design which is beneficial to enhance and improve the working of any active company, which have been trying to pursue their goals

Key Partners:

The partnership is one of the major aspect of any business which produce a great help in growing any business. A company needs a healthy relationship between supplier and buyer business in order to bring core value to a business or organization.

Value Propositions:

Any business needs to provide satisfaction and good quality services to its customers in order to make valuable name in the market. Value propositions are set to be in terms of cost, quantity, usability and other aspects of the products to meet with the customers needs and demands.


Channels are most crucial facet of any business plan which can help you to target customers easily. Channels are used to provide your value propositions to customers in an effective manner. It is necessary to choose cost-effective channels which can catch customers’ attention and to deliver business propositions wisely. SEO, SEM, blogs, social media platforms, email marketing and several other channels can be used to promote your business.


Customer Segments:

Customer segments are distinguished as to determining your customers by dividing them according to their needs and demands. Customer segments serve according to the characteristics of different customers so that different value propositions can be given to them consequently. 

Key Activities:

Key activities are always needed when you are going to deliver value propositions. It is to understand which key activities and resources are important to use in order to produce effective propositions.

Key Resources: 

Key resources emerge as a supportive aspect of any start-up business model as they are beneficial to boost your business. Key resources which are more your business assets such as a financial resource, electronic items, office staff and others can enhance your business activities by providing valuable propositions.

Revenue Stream:

The revenue stream is the name that how a company is making their revenues through different customers. A company can only gain financial profits by proving their customers value propositions as well as to provide them best solution to their problems. 

Cost Structure:

The cost structure is the determining of how your business is working according to cost, which key resources and key activities are providing benefits and profits with respect to cost structure. 

Customer Relationships:

The entrepreneur must ensure good relationships with customers by using different platforms to interact. It is mandatory to determine how you would create interaction with your customer segments. You would interact through different channels or can use social platforms.

Importance And Advantages Of BMC:

BMC is such a helpful business document which gives a proper understanding of business ideas and concepts as it enfolds all aspects of a business. Business Model canvas emerges as a map which lead you in a thriving direction by making process of your business and ideas.

BMC is a to-do list which can help any entrepreneur to find out what things to do to bring customer value, how to remain competitive in the market, what can he do to solve its customer’ difficulties, how to handle business revenues and to focus on business continuity in a successful manner . However, entrepreneurs can give better visualization, understanding and can aware of his business goals his teammates through BMC.


Who Proposed BMC:

Business Model Canvas was proposed by Alexander Osterwalder who was a successful entrepreneur and known for his commands in business modeling. He proposed BMC in the year 2009 in his publication Business Model Ontology. His popular book “Business Model Generation” contains structured detail regarding business model canvas.

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