5 actions which can grow your career instantly


The first step is knowing about your interests and ability, what’s important to you, and what can keep you engaged. Because it’s important that you are confident in your decision. Once you get to know what makes you satisfy, choose your career.

Compare your options:

If you have over one choice, compare them. And match them with your skills, personality, ability, and knowledge. If one option gets matched with your criteria, go with that. You can try over one option if you are an early bird.

Find a Mentor:

As mentioned earlier, chipkoo can be your savior in making informed career decisions, you can always connect with us and can get help through our mentoring process and programs.


For college students, nothing is better than internships and volunteering because there you have deep learning and get to know how things get done. In this phase, you can have explorations about different careers in a short time. Internships or volunteering can lead to jobs and careers.

Take Action:

After selecting best career in industry, try to grab more opportunities to grow in your career. And gain some valuable experience; It can give you an insight into your career.