1-Day Internship: A Creative way to encourage everyone to invest in their futures!

1-Day Internship: A Creative way to encourage everyone to invest in their futures!

Internships are becoming increasingly popular, they’re a great way of learning new
skills and getting a feel of what a real work environment is like. There are so many
internships you can apply for. No matter what your area of expertise, there is
definitely an internship out there for you. They offer a hands on experience and open
many doors in your desired field, they are a great way of adapting the skills learnt at
university or college and applying them to the real world (Loretto, 2019). In a way,
they stand as a ‘try out’ for your career as after the internship you may not feel like
that is the correct career for you, or you may absolutely love it and therefore want to
progress further (Loretto, 2019).

On top of this, you don’t even need to have so much time spare in order to take part.
Many companies offer different durations for their internships. Usually they are for a
fixed time period of three to six months, for a few days or hours per week. Others
may be full time where they work the same amount of hours as an employee. Other’s
even do internships that can be completed in one week and even in one day. On top
of this, it can be during any season of the year, even though they’re mostly offered
during the summer.

1-Day internships consist of 8 hours, either all completed in one day, or spread out
over a week. It’s a new approach that’s built entirely on the principle that students
can get valuable work experience as let's be honest, most work experience you get
often has nothing to do with the subject you want to go into, but is sometimes the
only option. Many students are left with no experience, no knowledge and no
understanding of what their dream job actually inclines. That’s where Internships are
of huge importance before starting your career.

Not only does it benefit the people taking part, but the employers also. Having a
short term internship programme means that interns stay highly motivated and have
more energy throughout the day. Interns aren’t overwhelmed by workload therefore
may be way more productive. It also helps employers to find the right interns,
especially for more of a full time role or permanent employers (Chegg Internships,

2021). These short internships are a win win for everyone involved. They are fun,
interactive and educational, yes they may be virtual but you still learn everything you
need to know to start your career.

Just like virtual internships, 1-Day internships are the new buzz, the new hiring
trend. Learning so many new skills that interns can take into their career,
opportunities that they didn’t receive from university or college, an insight to their
own proficiencies and preferences all fitted into 8 hours seems like the new way
forward. A quick and extremely efficient way to start off your career, Internships as a
whole are a great way for someone to invest into their future! At Chipkoo, we offer a
range of internships, our 1-Day internship being the most popular. We have a team
of experts that help you in every field and give you the experience of a real
employee. Over 8 hours you learn what it’s really like to work in your dream job and
take on new responsibilities that will keep you motivated and encouraged to proceed
in your career!


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